Dream Interpretation of Vomit

Read the meaning of dream about vomit. Find the dream interpretation, what does it mean when you dream about vomit.

vomit dream meaning

Dream Symbol Vomit Meaning

There are many factors why we have a dream of vomiting. Pregnant women may have this type of dreams but also people with anorexia. They dissimulate eating in public and then expel the food through the vomit. Your subconscious knows that they do wrong and induces this dream as a warning. In severe stress situations, […]


Dream About Blood Bleeding Pus Vomit

Meaning of dream about blood, it can be a symbol that is very flexible. This is because the blood symbolize various emotions. The different cultures in the world consider the dream about blood means happiness because blood is considered as life element. Yup, without blood we can not live. Blood becomes one of the factors […]