Dream Interpretation of Fish

Read the meaning of dream about fish. Find the dream interpretation, what does it mean when you dream about fishes.

catching fish dream meaning

Dream of Catching a Fish

Fish in dreams are often interpreted as a fortune. Not a few people who ever prove the truth of the dream and get a lot of unexpected fortune. The size and number of fish in a dream can symbolize how much profit or how much misfortune will you get. Dream about fish meaning The dream […]

Water animal dreams meaning

Dream About Water Animals

Crocodile Crocodiles in dream, it means your best friends will not feel safe. Crocodiles pull you into water and you die in the water, meaning vices. Dream to pull crocodile ashore, means you win over your opponent. Dream of getting crocodile meat, skin, bones, means money. Leech Leech in a dream, means greedy enemy. Leeches […]