Spiritual Meaning of Rats in Your Dreams

rat dream meaning

dead rat symbolism

Rat symbolizes the idea of rejection. The exact word to describe this creature is dirty and disgusting. Rats evoke a sense of disgust and fear among us. In addition to biologically, rats are always associated with a disease.

Rat dreams can be a nightmare, however, this depends on the detail in your dream. According to another culture, rats represent intelligent beings. Dreams of rats are also often regarded as a bad omen. Good or bad, the dream meanings will depend on the events happening in a dream.

Difficulties will be related to rat dreams. You may be guilty of the crime you committed. Rats are often found in dirty places. Here are some possible meanings of rats in your dreams:

What does it mean to dream about rats?

  1. When you dream of white rats, this dream represents a new member of your family or your workplace.
  2. Dream of rats running towards you or chasing you, this dream symbolizes a severe problem.
  3. Dreaming about rat and cat playing together, this dream symbolizes that you have a good relationship with your friends.
  4. A dream that a rat is in your clothes, this dream symbolizes that you are afraid if your secret is revealed. There are some facts that you hide and you do not want to be revealed.
  5. When you dream that you see a rat, this dream symbolizes that all your efforts will be successful.
  6. When you are attacked by rats in a dream, the dream symbolizes that you will lose money, especially if you owe.
  7. When a rat running around your house, this dream symbolizes that you will be lucky.
  8. When you are surrounded by many rats in a dream, this symbolizes that you have trouble and you have to be very careful with your health.
  9. When in a dream that you see a dead rat, this dream symbolizes that you will find a way out of the problem.
  10. When you kill a rat in a dream, the dream symbolizes that you can defeat your enemies.
  11. Giant black rat dream symbolizes your fear of disease.
  12. Dreaming about rats attacking your home, this dream represents someone who does not suit you, it is also related to disagreement.
  13. When you dream that a rat bites you, this dream symbolizes vigilance.
  14. If in a dream that you catch a rat but you do not make it, this dream symbolizes that the problem will not end, but you can still overcome it.
  15. While in a dream that you eat rat meat, this dream symbolizes regret after you do bad actions.
  16. If in a dream that you hold a rat, this dream symbolizes that you will be sick.
  17. If you dream that rats are in bed, this dream represents a problem with your family.

Dreaming of rats depends on the context. If you feel uncomfortable, then this dream has a bad meaning for you. Meanwhile, if the rats do not hurt you, then you will be lucky.