Spiritual Meaning of Flies In Your House

dream about flies in house

dream of flies on food

Dreams of flies are more common in summer and spring. This is the right time for these insects to appear. It’s completely normal, you’ve probably seen flies and after a few days, you have a dream about flies.

If you have a dream with a fly for no clear reason, then you should know that dreaming of these insects represents jealousy, insecurity, disease. There are so many negative meanings about flies, although not all the flies in dreams symbolize evil.

Depending on the context of your dreams with flies, each dream has the different meaning. You should also analyze your actions and feelings in the dream. Some people believe that the meaning is a negative feeling arising from people, including vengeance and envy.

What does it means to dream of flies?

  1. While in a dream that a fly is flying toward you, this dream symbolizes that there are unknown people coming into your life and anonymously trying to control your life.
  2. While in a dream that a fly goes into your mouth, this dream symbolizes that you should pay more attention to what you are doing, because it is risky and can give you many problems.
  3. While in a dream that you find a fly in a soup bowl or in milk, this dream symbolizes that you will have a lot of fun, but you have to correct some of the things you did before.
  4. While in a dream that you see a fly landed in a book or a magazine, this dream symbolizes that you are planning revenge on the people who hurt you.
  5. While in a dream that you are killing flies, this dream symbolizes your desire to escape or get rid of people near you.
  6. While in the dream many flies surround you or many flies in your home, this dream symbolizes that you have many enemies or many bad people around you who are trying to hurt you.
  7. If in a dream that flies perched on your face or in your mouth, this dream symbolizes the arrival of new people into your life. These people will act in bad faith because they are jealous of you.
  8. If you dream about the flies on the dead, this dream symbolizes an inconvenience to you or your family problems.

Flies in dreams represent those annoying people who surround you and want to always get into your business. They can be friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members.