Rain in Dream What Does it Mean?

rain dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about a lot of rain?

Rain is a natural phenomenon that happens throughout the year. Because of the rain, the water can be evenly distributed on every land and fertilize the plants. When associated with dreams, rain in a dream can be good news. Dream about rain often represents finance. If you dreamed about rain last night and you now want to know the meaning behind that dream, here is the discussion.

The dream of rain involves water and therefore the meaning of this dream is related to water. Water in dreams represents feelings and desires, depending on how your dreams are.

Although the dream about rain can always be associated with fortune, but not all have similar meaning. Rain can be distinguished by how the event in the dream takes place in your sleep. Based on the type of material involved, the rain can be divided into several types.

What does rain mean in your dreams?

  1. When you dream of a heavy rain, it means that in the near future, you will get a lot of fortune that you never expected before. Fortune that comes will last long and flow continuously.
  2. When in a dream that you see drizzle, this dream symbolizes that your love will last for a long time and is surrounded by a lot of peace.
  3. When in a dream that you see a very heavy rain, this dream symbolizes that you will have a passionate love, but this love takes place in a short time.
  4. When you see the endless rain, this dream represents a good business and you are ready to start a new business that is in your mind, because you have everything that benefits you.
  5. While in a dream that you are in the middle of a rainstorm, this dream symbolizes that you are going through a period of internal revolution.
  6. While in a dream that you see a rainstorm and thunder, strong winds, lightning, this dream symbolizes the anger you have inside you.
  7. When you are in the middle of the rain and you cannot move anywhere, this dream symbolizes that your emotions do not allow you to move forward.
  8. When you see the rain stop in a dream, this dream symbolizes that you will lose the goods. This dream also symbolizes humiliation.
  9. When in a dream that you are watching the rain, this dream symbolizes the benefits you will gain.
  10. If your house leaked because the rain id a dream, this is not related to fortune. This dream has a bad meaning. This dream symbolizes that you will spend some money for unexpected purposes.
  11. If you see a wind rain in your dream, this dream shows you about dashed hopes and disappointments.
  12. When you dream of hail, this dream symbolizes hostility among peers or siblings.
  13. Dream of meteor is a symbol of an obstacle that hinders your idea.
  14. When you see an ash rain in dreams, so this is a sign that you will not meet your goals.
  15. If in your dream that you see fire in the rain, this dream symbolizes slander.
  16. Dream of snow shows you about good news.
  17. When you see money fall down from the sky or money rain, this dream is a sign that your body will suffer because of injury.
  18. If you see the rain of blood, this dream symbolizes about disease.

In general, dreaming of rain tends to be more common in adult men and women. People who are prone to depression and sadness tend to have more dreams with rain.