car dream meaning

Dream About Car and Other Things Related to Cars

Cars affect life more than you might think. Cars provide transportation facilities and practically serve many people. Dreams about cars play a central role and have many different meanings. To be able to interpret the car in a dream must also know your condition while in the car. Are you a driver or just riding […]

stone dream meaning

Dream About Stone and Rocks What Does it Mean

Stone symbolizes the tough nature, quiet, and stiffness. Stone dreams show stability in the real world. In general, the stone symbolizes personality with firm conviction and unshakable. Stone in the dream can be a symbol of anything. When the stone is destroyed, this is a serious sign. Meanwhile rocks show a rigid and unshakeable structure. […]

blue sky dream meaning

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Sky

The sky is the space that surrounds our planet. The sky is a great attraction for humans and fascinates us. We can see the sun and moon in the sky. The sky in a dream is often associated with an infinite expanse beyond our ability, as well as sky dreams will have many meanings. In […]

eating fish dream

Dream of Eating Fish

History has recorded evidence and truth about the dream interpretation. Although many people do not often take it as a serious thing because they feel that they have high intelligence. Meanwhile, dream interpretation is still often used as a guideline by some people to predict the meaning of their dreams. Dream of eating fish becomes […]

bath dream meaning

Dream About Having a Bath

Bathing is our routine activity. With a bath, our bodies will be fresh and clean. As for when connected with dream predictions, what exactly is the meaning of this dream? In general, dream bath is a sign of holiness. If you had a dream bath last night, you might get glory. Even so, not all […]

pigeon dream meaning

Dream About Pigeon and Dove Meaning

Pigeon, one type of bird that is quite tame and often seen in the park. Pigeons make many people fall in love and this is a symbol of peace and friendship. When Jesus was baptized, there were sighting of a dove. The presence of a pigeon in dream is generally commonly related to romance or […]

dream dragon

Dream of Killing a Dragon

Dragon is still a debate. Some argue that dragons are just mythical creatures that do not really exist and some believe the truth about dragons and try to find them. Killing is a cruel and untruthful activity. In some cases, killing is one of the survival attempts, but sometimes it is still regarded as a […]

flood dream meaning

Dream of Flood Inside the House

Flood is a situation where water volume inundated an area and has crossed the boundary so that water flooded the area. Trapped in a flood is an unpleasant condition. Not just restrict movement, stuck in the floods can also threaten safety. Generally the flood is described as a critical condition and apprehensive. In dream interpretation, […]

climbing a tree dream

Dream of Climbing Trees

Trees are part of life and very important to humans. Trees give many benefits to humans. Some trees provide a source of food for humans and some help human beings in various areas of life. In dream interpretation, trees are related to ambition or desire to gain something by struggle. The big and tall tree […]

flying birds dream meaning

Dream About Flying Birds Come To You

When flying, birds are generally in a high place. High positions are usually related to position, social status, or improvement in one’s life. It is also often associated with happiness. The figure of a bird in your dream can be a good sign or a bad sign for your life. Good or bad the dream […]