dreaming of being shot at with a gun

What Does it Mean to Dream About Shooting?

Many people often wonder what it means to dream that they are being shot or shooting. This is a very sad dream where you can awaken from your sleep when you receive the first shot or get a series of shots on all parts of your body. People dedicated to the military and public security […]

spiritual meaning of falling down stairs

What Does it Mean to Dream About Walking Down the Stairs?

The dream of going down the stairs is a pretty common dream in sleep. In general, the stairs represent the social level in your life. This is why if you dream about stairs, it is related to your current position. Going down the stairs in a dream often becomes a bad sign. In addition to […]

What does it mean when you dream of beetles?

Spiritual Meaning of Beetle in Dreams

Beetles can cause fear and disgust. In a dream world, beetles can give you specific clues about how to act in your life. The beetle signifies sadness, stress, and anxiety. Dreams of beetles symbolize respect for authority, protection, and acceptance of rules. Dreaming of beetles is also a symbol of everyday hard work. Beetles in […]

dream meaning stars in the sky

Spiritual Meaning of Star in Dreams

At night filled with stars, we’re all going to contemplate and admire the wonderful night. Although some people do not give importance to the meaning of dreams, they should know that this is the only way to know the messages sent by the subconscious. As you know, the star gives a twinkling light. Dream analysts […]

rose thorn dream meaning

Spiritual Meaning of Thorns in Dreams

Thorns in dreams become very common. Dreaming a bush with a thorn can warn you of something that is not right. In general, some dream analysts say that you have to show caution when dreaming of thorns. You should also be more suspicious of the people around you. Ponder a while before you make decision […]

doing math in a dream

Dream of Solving Math Problems

Mathematics is an art of counting numbers and geometric figures that are learned through reasoning and logic. Many people see mathematics as a tool for doing calculations. There is scientific research that supports that math works to make your brain work better and you have more memory. But what does it mean if you dream […]

biblical meaning of peanuts

Spiritual Meaning of Nuts in Dreams

In the health sector, certain vegetables your body plays an important role. Nuts are one of the oldest foods on earth. But what is a nut in a dream world? Your subconscious often chooses certain foods to send you messages. Some interpreters say that dreaming about nuts signifies that you have to learn to adjust […]

dream meaning of photographer

Dream Meaning of Photo Album Symbol

Dreams about photos can happen very often at certain moments in your life. In a period of nostalgia or when you have lost your loved ones, you can have this dream. Your life fragment is caught at the right moment. Photos can also be seen in your dreams, remembering a happy stage or imagining something […]

biblical dream interpretation of strawberries

Spiritual Meaning of Strawberries in Dreams

Strawberries in dreams are closely related to sensuality and wish. Feelings of desire or with high-dose eroticism will be more prone to dreams with strawberries. Perhaps this explanation is not the one you expect most. You must remember that certain factors determine your dream. Dreaming strawberries can be a sign that new desires are reborn. […]

dream of flowers meaning

Spiritual Meaning of Flowers in Dreams

The symbolism of a flower varies greatly. In everyday life, many people associate flowers with the coming of spring. Flowers also symbolize affection towards others. In addition, flowers are also considered as a sign of respect for a person who died. While in the dream world, flowers represent another very interesting aspect. In general, the […]