theft dream meaning

Theft Dream Meaning

A certain dream is also believed to be a symbol of the events that will be experienced. History proves about some dream events that have become good or bad hunches. One such dream is a dream about thief. If you dream it, see explanation theft dream that we’ll discuss below. Theft is believed to be […]

catching fish dream meaning

Dream of Catching a Fish

Fish in dreams are often interpreted as a fortune. Not a few people who ever prove the truth of the dream and get a lot of unexpected fortune. The size and number of fish in a dream can symbolize how much profit or how much misfortune will you get. Dream about fish meaning The dream […]

dream lice meaning

Dream About Hair Lice

Do you dream last night about lice, such dreams have a lot of lice or looking for lice in your hair? If yes, then there is a good news for you. Based on the dream researcher, the dream about lice is a good omen in your life. The following will review omens about the meaning […]

being lost dream meaning

Dream About Being Lost

Have you ever experienced strange dreams like stranded and lost in an area you did not know before and you have trouble finding your way home? Many opinions say that this kind of dream has a meaning about an event that you will experience in the near future.  In the psychology perspective, dreams lost associated […]

Cutting nails dream meaning

Dream of Cutting Nails Meaning

The dream of cutting your nail is a symbol that you are aware of something that is not good in your life. According to superstition, this dream signifies that you will get something good. Something good is what you’ve dreamed for. Read the following explanation. Cutting nails dream meaning Based on psychological perception. This is […]

cutting meat dream meaning

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Cutting Meat?

The dream of cutting meat is a symbol of motivation, optimism, destruction, or it can lead to your luck. Meat in dreams is often related to your past culture. According to psychologists, if you are doing a job, this is a sign of a new optimism within you. From the superstition perception, the dream of […]

chased by people in dream

Dream Chased by Bad People Psychology Meaning

Dream chased by bad guy is a symbol that you are getting pressure in life right now. Many explanations from psychologists who say if someone gets a dream like being chased, caught, or associated with an attack, those are disturbance symbols in life. Being chased by bad guys is a concern. Most likely, this is […]

losing bike in dream

Dream of Losing Bicycle According to Psychologists

The dream of losing a bicycle can refer to many things. Bicycles are symbols of change, balance, progress, and journey. While loss is an interpretation that you lose control and your inability to face your current life situation. In life, this can be interpreted as symbol that you are experiencing a situation where your balance, […]

bitten by rats

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Bitten by Rat?

Rats are rodents that are shunned by many people because they cause many diseases and damage. Meanwhile, the dream bitten by rats often presented as misfortune or calamity. Many people who dreamed of being bitten by rats hit by misfortune, fired from work, shunned by friends, broken up, and other miserable things. But there is […]

rain dream meaning

Rain in Dream Meaning Interpretation

Rain is a natural phenomenon that happens throughout the year. Because of the rain, the water can be evenly distributed on every land and fertilize the plants. When associated with dreams, rain in a dream can be good news. Dream about rain often associated with finance. If you dreamed about rain last night and you […]