Moon in Dream What Does it Mean

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moon dream meaning

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. For humans, the moon is a symbol of romance, imagination, personal growth, and life cycle. According to the yin and yang, the two concepts of Taoism, the moon is part of yin, feminine, darkness, passivity. Some people think that dreams about the moon mean the feminine aspect of our personality.

Dreams often associated with the feminine side are usually hidden female ego who tries to go into the light. However, moon dream is also a sign of romance, a passionate night, a new step or a change in the life direction.

Why dream about the moon?

The moon is the star in our lives, so it is not strange to have a dream of the moon. People who love each other more often experienced than others. Dreaming of a lunar eclipse or dreaming of a moon on a calm sea is also a typical dream that can originate at certain moments in your life.

  • The full moon symbolizes new love. It is also related to some radical changes that may occur around you.
  • Seeing a lunar eclipse involves your health complications or the health of your loved ones. You should pay close attention to how you take care of your health.
  • The dream of seeing 2 moons, it means problems with your current partner, which you feel produces separation. This dream is also interpreted as a dispute.
  • Seeing the shadow of the moon in water is related to financial success.
  • Seeing the red moon symbolizes misfortune or accident. Bad thoughts torture you and you feel that something bad is about to happen.
  • Seeing the crescent moon means you feel that your needs are fulfilled in all areas of your life. You will get personal satisfaction.
  • If you dream run after the moon symbolizes your multiply mission.
  • Seeing the moon and sun represents happiness and success.
  • Dreaming the full moon usually indicates the end of the cycle period or the transition period. The wolf that appears during the full moon warns of the dark side that exists in your personality.
  • Dreaming on the moon means you have trouble reaching for your goals. You’ve set a pretty tough goal. If your wish is not done, then you will get stress.

Dreaming of the moon is related to upcoming new events, which can be positive or negative, according to our current situation.