The Meanings of Swimming Pool in Dreams

swimming pool dream meaning

dream of diving into a swimming pool

Dream of a swimming pool is a very common thing. Various meanings associated with swimming pool. However, you must prioritize all the details contained in your dream to get the correct interpretation.

Many dream experts say that swimming pools in dreams show that you feel in tune with nature. It shows that you are a calm and peaceful person. On the other hand, there are analysts who interpret that swimming pool means you have too much stress and you need a rest period.

If you are deeply stressed by working conditions or with a particular problem, your subconscious will try to let you know that you need rest. The pool in a dream can show you about inner healing.

What it means to dream of a pool?

  1. If you are dreaming about a pool of many plants, this dream signifies that you are very sensitive; this symbolizes all your emotions.
  2. When you see the pool in a dream and the water is dirty because of rain, this dream symbolizes that you have a lot of trouble, or maybe you’ll fight with someone.
  3. While in a dream you see a swimming pool with clear water, this dream symbolizes that you are a person with a very strong feeling.
  4. When in a dream that you bathe in a pool with someone you know in real life, this dream symbolizes that the person has a good mind.
  5. When you see in a dream that a pool with dirty water due to poor care, this dream symbolizes that you will end the love relationship you have.
  6. When you dream of an empty pool, this dream symbolizes that you are not expecting much from your partner, but also symbolizes the dream of your breakup with someone. An empty pool also symbolizes that you will need more love from the people around you.
  7. When you dream that a pool has waves, this dream shows that you are in a period of calm in your life. However, when you have calmed down, a new problem will arise and destroy what you enjoy.
  8. The dream that you are drowning in a swimming pool symbolizes that you carry a huge load on your shoulders. You have made many tough decisions without enough consideration.
  9. When you dream that you see a swimming pool with many children, this dream symbolizes that you are truly happy.

The pool in the dream symbolizes your emotions. When a swimming pool is present in your dream, you have to pay attention to how the details happen in the dream.