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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Believe it or not, dream of seeing God sometimes experienced by people when asleep in their sleep. Although hard to describe after wake up from their sleep, they sometimes have conviction if they really see a figure of God in your dream.dream about god

Someone who dreamed of seeing or meeting God can be interpreted and ideals will be achieved. Moreover, the dream can also mean will get a high glory as well as a high degree in the world and loved by those around.

However, if in the dream, someone get a warning from God, it could mean we have been very negligent in carrying out divine commands. So that the dream can become cues that we can begin to repair by obeying the commandments of God that has set.

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What does it mean when you dream about God

  1. Seeing God in dream (unlike anything) means you will be saved when apocalypse happens.
  2. Dream of standing before God and God is watching you. It means you will have survived if obey God. But if you don’t obey, it means you must be careful and repent for your mistakes.
  3. God spoke to you, this dream has a meaning that you follow his will.
  4. God says something and he stands behind the wall, means you have made a mistake against God.
  5. If God gives you an advise, it means you don’t make bad things anymore as before.
  6. If you see God is giving possessions to you, this dream is a symbol that you’ll get disaster that contain grace.
  7. Dream of seeing God angry with you, this dream is a symbol that your both parents get mad at you.
  8. Dream wrath of God, it means your position will go down.
  9. God loves you in your dream, this means God has mercy on you in the afterlife, but God gave you exam in the world.
  10. Seeing God with something good cheer means that God is pleased with you.
  11. Bowed your head before God, means will come the bad guys to your life.

5 Responses to Meaning of Dream About God

  1. guy #

    what god looks like actually?

    • For-God #

      God is a form of ununiform light yellowish hue like you see on the cloud in the morning, it’s a warm glowing cloud hovering above my head, felt like a good mother taking care of her child. It felt warm, safe, and protected, it took away all my stress, trauma, hurt in my life when I woke up, I felt fresh like an innocent child, all my worries and painful past experiences had gone off my head. I thought I had seen God in my dream.

      I don’t really have a religion but believe God in my heart, that’s all. I had asked God to prove that he exists, It was God answered my call.

  2. alpana #

    i saw shirdi sai baba in my dreams. baba gave me prasad also

  3. Rosie #

    Before god came in to my dream i first dream of satur the planet it was so close to me and then a storm came after the storm everything when away i look up and there was god i didn’t see he’s face but it was a white tall bodie he stand there and gave me he’s urms like when someone is giving you a hug .!!!

    • Dreams #

      It was just a dream
      means nothing

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