Spiritual Meaning of Maggot in Dreams

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Dreams of maggots are always associated with rotting. Maggots often appear on rotting food and carcasses. Maggots are fly larvae, it grows by eating everything around it, including meat. Maggots are also like leeches, eating everything they ride. In fact, in the medicine world, maggots are also used as a therapy, to treat injuries possessed by diabetics.

When you experience a change in your life or your personality, then you can have a dream about a maggot. Maggots represent a transitional period such as the caterpillar and the cocoon that will turn into a butterfly. Dreaming a maggot can also show that you need to grow older. Try to be more courageous to take responsibility and act seriously.

The big change that will happen to change your life is a powerful reason to dream of maggots. Meanwhile, dreaming of a maggot also symbolizes the end of a cycle. You will also leave a stage to start something new. Many different meanings when you dream of maggots. Here’s the meaning of maggots in dreams:

What does it mean to dream about a maggot?

  1. When you see that maggots crawl into your body, this dream symbolizes that someone is using you.
  2. When maggots crawling on your hands in a dream, this is a sign of great transformation of your life.
  3. To dream that maggots try to attack you, this dream symbolizes the hidden enemy.
  4. When in a dream that you see a big maggot, this dream symbolizes the hard times are coming.
  5. When you dream of a giant maggot, this dream symbolizes the inferiority you have.
  6. If you dream that you see a maggot at home, this dream symbolizes your health.
  7. When you dream that maggots eat wood, this dream symbolizes that you do not want to be who you are today.
  8. When in a dream that you use a maggot as a bait to catch a fish, this dream symbolizes that you will make a success in your life.
  9. If a maggot chases you in a dream, then this dream symbolizes that you have very bad self-esteem and you are a very weak person.
  10. When you dream that you are eating a maggot, this dream symbolizes something bad has affected you.
  11. When you kill or throw a maggot, this dream symbolizes that you will become a more spiritual person.
  12. If you see a lot of maggots in a dream, this dream symbolizes that many people are arrogant around you.

In conclusion, dreaming of a maggot also shows the progress you have thought about for a few days. Something you think might come true.

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