What is The Meaning of Dreams About Death?

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death dream meaning

What if I’m dead in dream

Dreams about death are often talked about by many people. You may have heard that someone near you talks about death in a dream, or maybe yourself. The dream of death can happen over and over and it depends what happens in your dream. You may dream that you saw your friend die or you died. As a first step, we can refer to a dream in which someone was on the verge of death or even dead. This can be considered as something positive when you dream it, because death does not mean the end, but it means a new beginning.

Such dreams are closely related to one’s mood, a dream where we often experience the boundary between life and death or dying, a very confusing situation, where fear and uncertainty attack our mind. These dreams can be explained in different ways according to your condition. In a negative sense, this can mean your preparation for leaving the world and completely leaving this life. Your contract to live in the world has run out.

It can be said that sometimes people who have died can still communicate with us to send important messages. The dead can still be in touch with people who are still breathing through dreams. Do you believe in ghosts? Are you also an atheist?

You may have dreamed of a family member who died, or your recently deceased relative. At other times, anyone who communicates from another world is someone we do not know but needs our help.

If you have ever dreamed of the dead, surely the first thing you feel is fear or astonishment. You may also ask him, weren’t you dead? Surely he does not want to do anything bad to you, he just needs to talk to you and give you a WARNING about something that will happen. This is important; you must pay attention and listen.

What does the dream of death mean?

  1. If you are dreaming about people who have died, this dream shows your level of concern to the deceased.
  2. If in a dream that you saw your mother or father die, this dream does not mean bad omen, but this dream symbolizes the big changes that occur in your life or maybe your parents have longevity or youth.
  3. If in a dream that your spouse dies, this dream represents a financial problem or other problem.
  4. When you dream about your friends who are already dead, this dream indicates a certain melancholy in you, this is the right time to say goodbye to them.
  5. If in the dream that the deceased is your family, he may want to say goodbye to you before leaving forever. Usually, this kind of dream is because you have a strong family bond. This can also happen if the deceased is your best friend or someone very close to you.
  6. If in the dream that the deceased screamed, this dream symbolizes how the man died. His reaction was so strong because he felt tortured, or the person died from a murder case. Many people who die always want to haunt people who have treated them badly in life, for revenge. Do you believe in ghosts?
  7. If in a dream that you die, then this dream symbolizes the danger that will come. You have to be careful with your friends, because someone wants to betray you to get something you have.
  8. When you dream of the dead and they attack you, then this dream usually symbolizes that you should not trust anyone in your neighborhood. This is a clear sign that there is a negative element that will not benefit you.
  9. If you see dead people in dreams and that person back to life, then this dream symbolizes that you have something pending. You may have problems that you have not solved, you can have serious problems.
  10. If in a dream that someone you do not know appears and the person has died, this dream symbolizes your bad attitude will affect people you do not know indirectly.

This is a true story that might be useful to you. My brother once dreamed of my neighbor who had died decades ago, a woman. My neighbor came to my house; she shook my mom’s hand. Then she came to my brother and she also wanted to shake hands with my brother. But my brother didn’t want to and said that you were dead, and my neighbor just smiled. A few months later, my mom passed away. So this is a sign of death.

This is the most common primary interpretation of death in dreams. If you have different dream, you can write a comment to tell us your experience.