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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

The meaning of dreams about snakes vary by culture. For example, in ancient cultures such as Asian cultures, the snake is a perfection symbol. A snake in dream may show a positive change in life and may provide answers to the problem.

snakes dream meaning

In general, snake dreams are often anxious dreams. This brings us to the negative things. Since Adam and Eve, the snake has become a sign of betrayal and deceit. The meaning of snake dreams can have different interpretations. To interpret it must fit the context that occurs in your dream. However, snakes dream can also bring a positive meaning.

Snake dreams

Dream of a snake bite
In general a snake that bites you usually means you are afraid of someone around you who will betray you, maybe a friend, maybe a relative. Think of potential candidates who can betray you.

Snake is located near you
If in the dream a snake is close to you, it’s usually a sign you might suspect that the people around you may be talking about you behind your back. Beware of contact with hypocrites.

Snake on your neck
If in a dream, a snake trying to strangle your neck usually carries a sexual meaning. You are a very sexually active person but lately you have not enjoyed sex yet. Talk to your partner and take action as soon as possible.

Dreams of a rattlesnake
The dream of seeing rattlesnakes is interpreted to have the feeling that others are not paying enough attention when you speak. Take back control in your friends circle.

Kill a snake
The dream of killing a snake includes a positive dream. Lately you have a problem and you try to deal with it and fix it. If on the other hand hunting snakes because you are interested in snake leather, it means new business is approaching and new job opportunities. Hunting a snake to make a bag of snake leather, snake shoes, purse or snake shoes means you are very vain. You want to go to the latest fashions and attach great importance to your image.

Dream a big snake
This dream is often experienced by ambitious people. Every day you want more and you do not care how to get it. Try to be happy and appreciate what you already have.

Many snakes are falling on you
Dreams where snakes fall on you often happen to people who are having a hard time in life. They have a lot of problems and do not know how to start.

Dream of a dead snake
A dream in which a dead snake appears generally occurs in people who are burdened by a particular problem. This problem can be solved but does not stop there.

What does it mean when you dream about snakes

Snakes dream contains some things like hostility, safety, love, death. Here are some dream interpretations of snakes according to ibn sirin.

  1. Snake in a dream usually weak enemies.
  2. Dream of seeing a snake in the house, it means there is an enemy in your house. If the snake is species that exist on the ground, meaning that enemies from others.
  3. Killing a snake is a symbol of victory over your opponent.
  4. Dream snakes about the meat, skin, bone, and blood represent your money.
  5. Dream of killing a snake and then lifted high with your hand or distribute their meat, it means victory over your opponent and.
  6. A snake is talking to you with good conversation, this is a sign that you will get something good and useful from your enemies or sometimes getting pleasure from your opponent. But if the conversation is not good, it means the opposite, but you ultimately survived.
  7. Dream of snakes bow down to you and follow all your will, it means honored, high position, and enjoyment.
  8. Snakes in your dream are made from mines, so it means good thing. When the snake made from gold or silver that means better.
  9. Dream of seeing a white snake, it means acquiring dignity. If the snake is in black color, it means increases of honor. When the snakes are green symbolize multiple opponents. If the snake is yellow, the enemy that carries the disease, if the snake is red, it means an enemy that has members.
  10. Dreams of seeing a snake slippery and have wings, a sign that you are afraid or coward.
  11. Dream to see snakes also means your legs are strong.
  12. Dream to see snakes gather around, it means your people are your enemies.
  13. Dream to see snakes have fangs and horns, this dream symbolizes mighty enemy, provocative, and hurting.
  14. If you feel more afraid of snakes in dream, it means safe from stronger enemies.
  15. Dream to see a snake, you do not afraid but run away from it, it means a distress and grief.
  16. A snake come out from your ears or navel or anus, it means enmity with your family.
  17. A snake come out from your mouth, then get sin from what you said and get squalor.
  18. Dreams of seeing a snake on a pillow or on a mattress means your spouse will die or get something bad.
  19. A snake come out of your neck or from anus and then into the earth, it means bad news.
  20. Dreams of seeing a snake’s egg is a sign of a weak enemy.
  21. Dream of killing a snake, it means overcoming your enemy and win, victory over your opponent.
  22. A snake bite you, it means you get something unpleasant from your enemy.
  23. Dream to see the carcass of a snake, it means that God has completed his animosity.
  24. Seeing the carcass of a snake cut into pieces, it means better from the previous dream interpretation.
  25. Dream of cutting a snake, it means sort out your enemy.
  26. Having a snake and you do not afraid, it means fortune and a glorious position. If the snake is white and small, then the meaning is sincerity in the scramble for a living.
  27. Little snakes in any color means a weak opponent.
  28. Dream of holding a snake and the snake is running and caught by your hands, it is a sign that you will survive form what you afraid of.
  29. Dream of seeing a big snake, it means you have a lot of enemies.
  30. Snakes get into your mouth, it means you get a high science.
  31. You have a snake as pet in dream means notch.
  32. A snake swallowed your balls, it means your couple commit adultery.
  33. Dream to see snakes rise to the top in the air up to a high place, it means you will get excitement.
  34. Dream to see the snake down somewhere, means the leader in that place is dead.
  35. Snake on your head, it means you have influence on the authorities.

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    A curated dream is effortlessly through dream and capability to offer multiple touch points.

    • Lena

      A shiny red cobra bite my little girl on the side I murdered it than began to pull on the injure. I lastly got her to medical center and when I did discovered out the snake was not toxic. Weird dream.

      • dinesh audichya


        I hope I can help you on this subject kindly send me your detailed dream with the timing when you saw it to my email id.

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  • wp

    Very nice post about snakes. I just stumbled snakes in dream and
    wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading this posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

    • Cameron

      So, whenever me and my most newest associate start mentioning to connection again- I have these unusual wishes snakes. The one I just had was a lizard under a cloth… And somebody was offering it a rat and I considered it take the whole rat and I was just terrified. Then in my wish the rat started moving and trying to go up out of the snakes mouth area. Some other lizard objectives I have had are me walking and seeing a lizard and it trying to munch me… But it never does. It’s just such the opportunity that I have these objectives whenever I start discussing with my ex again.

  • Joanne

    Before I describe my wish I do want to say that I am actually a reptile fan. I have two of my own as animals really like them very much and cope with them constantly etc although non-venomous ones. It is to say that i am not scared to run a venomous one with the best PPE.

    My unique circumstances is that I have had to end perform due to a degenerative hip problem. I am impacted now and have to have assistance every day.My wish is an innovative one. I “enter my dream” with a reptile arriving toward me. As I am not scared, I didn’t pressure. As youngster attracts nearer, I can see that it can be dangerous and as such at this aspect it reveals its oral cavity arriving at me, fangs in perspective however I can see that the fangs are assigned developing it not able to eat.

    Turns out the reptile was arriving at welcome me as its handler/controller to which I get it control it and the reptile is quite material in my arms, trusts me, even I process say, is aware of me. Then, my buddy seems to be, and he is terrified, (a regular response, as he dislikes my pet snakes too) however there’s no question that my control monster in my arms is getting rather having complications at his way of life.

    The reptile is anxious and wants originally to properly secured itself however, almost keeping in concepts he cannot due to the hats, instantly wants to hife on me, for me to properly secured it from gaps. I keep in concepts sensation that this response was unusual toward someone who has an excellent regard for these animals that I keep. He must know im developing down it as he requirements how ‘its arriving along. So I describe that its going really well but still the reptile seems anxious around my on the online even though his comprehensive extensive wide range is excellent.

    Like the reptile doesn’t believe in him. I know for sure odd. Not only the response but that I am considering in therefore. After this the need gets unidentified and I awaken. I have an excellent regard for goals and don’t really analysis too much into them but this one seems to be apart I think because of the snakes actions and im fascinated why my go select a dangerous one. Although ive regarded its something to do with the idea of being untamable animals especially venomous ones.

  • Simon

    I was lying down in bed. Or type of seated upright. There were small snakes all over. Every color. Someone, not sure who or what the perspective was, but was speaking with me. Could only listen to the speech, a man. There was no perspective of a individual. I kept saying “I’m trying, if I can get this benefit off of me”. I kept trying to tremble the reptile off my hand, as it would keep tightening up. I would lastly get the reptile off d another one would take its position. That’s ongoing until I awoke.

  • Hasan

    I dreamed of a rattlesnake was biting my neck

    • Sean

      You should already die

  • JOJO

    I thought that my son provided three little darkish snakes and in the need I advised him that we wished to get rid of them. When we found a personal to offer them with to one of the snakes eat the person. After considering giving them away I advised my son we can’t do that because they’re out children.

  • Born

    I was in a home that sat on a pond. I was on the terrace when I saw a snake arriving towards me and chew me. After a while I got fed up with sittin within and desired to go out. As I wallked to the doorway to start up it that snake chew me again.

    • Poker

      so you must be careful

  • Alisha

    In my dream I saw a snake, this reptile near to me. This snake can talk, omg.
    I know it talked to me but I forgot. I only remember it’s a warn. Is this dream true?

  • MR. XXX

    I dreamed my boyfriend was carrying a box of snakes. Many small snakes in the box. Then he opened the box and spread the snakes in the garden.

  • Lena

    My dream last night was frightening to me, either to someone else. I saw in my dream, the biggest black snake with yellow. The snake seemed calm, he did not bite me. But this snake is huge, and I’ve never seen a snake this big in my life.

    • Baby

      If the dream of being bitten by a snake for a married man will gain happiness

  • snake eyes

    python hit me in my dream.
    what will happen?

    • Hera

      The shadow of death will come to you
      I guess so

  • Rena

    When I was taking a bath in the bathup I fell asleep. I dreamed I saw the bathroom window was open and I saw a snake passing near the door. What does it mean to dream about seeing a snake?

  • Sean

    I dream of seeing a black snake with a red color that has a blue tongue. I walked away in a room with my brother. I got into bed but the snake came to me. The snake bit my finger. I can not let go and immediately I woke up. I thought this was a nightmare.

  • Alison

    I’m 23 years old.
    Previously 2 days ago after I slept at 2 am, I dreamed of being coughed by a snake on my back. My friend says my soul mate is near. Then the next day a guy I’ve never met and suddenly asked for my phone number. The guy revealed his heart and suddenly wanted to propose to me. Is that maybe my soul mate? We meet accidentally. Quite a few of my questions. Thank you

    • Dreams

      It’s not about your soul mate. It’s about someone who likes you

  • Worried girl

    I dreamt about a white snake its big and tall I saw his half down body only, On the back of my house. My house is an studio unit and located on the second floor the back on it is shaded of grass the snake come up to second floor with plant and like it’s resting. I’m not scared but I was amazed on the snake and I told to my friend when we get inside of my house don’t worry if the snake will bother us I will remove his skin like what I am doing. I remove the pillow case to my pillow and I throw the pillow case outside of my house. What does my dreamt mean?? Please help me

  • Jansenn

    for me, dream about snakes were always bad things

  • Soffie

    I dream of a snake chased what does it mean? I was sick while dreaming.

    • Jerry

      That is the symbol of disease. I dreamed that before.

  • Khadija

    I dream a Snake on your head. What does that mean. Please help.

  • Khadija

    I dream a Snake on my head, what does that mean