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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Did you meet an angel in your dream recently? This dream is usually a sign that something is going to happen. Although dreams are reflection of our minds, but sometimes dream is a warning from God to us. Well, let’s first check what is the actual meaning of the dream about angel.

Some people believe that dreaming of angels is a form of over protection. A person who is taking the wrong road or getting dangers and setbacks can have a dream of angels to solve this mess. Your childhood picture comes to mind. You know very well that the angels will not leave you.

Dreaming of angels can be caused that you are in a stage of life that is full of peace, harmony, and happiness. You feel calm and tend to remember the pieces of your life before, and of course you remember the prayers you learned during childhood. But what if you dream about the death angel? Is this the same meaning with Gabriel or Michael?

dream about angel

What does it mean when you dream about angel

  1. Dream of seeing an angel gives a good news, it means a glory, excitement, and help from God after being persecuted, or recovering after illness.
  2. Dream hostile to Gabriel and Michael, then a penalty of God continually.
  3. Dream of taking food from the angel Gabriel, it means to go to heaven.
  4. Seeing Gabriel sad, means misery and suffering that will befall you.
  5. Seeing Michael, means accepting the gift from God in the world and the hereafter when he is a good person, if not then beware.
  6. Seeing the angel Michael in a place that is in rain, means happiness.
  7. Seeing Israfel is blowing a trumpet and only you who listen, means death. When hearing the crowd in the village means that there will be a death.
  8. Seeing the angel of death, means rejoice.
  9. Seeing the angel of death angry, means die before repentance.
  10. Seeing the angel of death push it, means death or longevity.
  11. Seeing the angel gave the good news about the birth of a boy, means it will acquire pious child.
  12. Seeing angels enter the house, means should be careful of thieves.
  13. Seeing angels enter your house and take his sword, means lost your strength, and sometimes you have to separate with your couple.
  14. Seeing the angels are in a barren, meaning people there lead over your opponent.
  15. Seeing angels bow before you, means to obtain what is aspired and became famous.
  16. Dreams encourage angel, means hardship and humiliation after becoming respectable.
  17. Seeing an angel falls from heaven to earth means excellence to good people, and humiliation for bad people.
  18. Sick person dream of seeing an angel falls above the other angel means been near to death.
  19. Seeing an angel like woman, means lie.
  20. Dreams of flying with angels ascend to heaven together, means honored.
  21. Dreaming about angel is angry, means to be low.
  22. Angel is screaming, means your house will be empty.
  23. Seeing a group of angels in a village, means there is a good person die soon in that village.
  24. Dream of seeing an angel said to you, “Read the book of God”, that means good for good people and means bad for bad people. So be careful!

  • Ian

    I’ve had several bad goals I’ll publish the one I had yesterday first then I’ll publish the other one I had twice next and then I’ll publish the one I had once last. So yesterday I imagined that my mom and I were going out and I was in a lengthy sleeve clothing but I always use brief sleeve tops. But we were going to my buddies home who passed away couple of decades returning and I raised the fleshlight sleeves up and my remaining arm was protected in marks like I had cut myself or someone had cut me and my right arm had less marks. I experienced more discomfort in my remaining arm than my right arm. My mom did not observe so I combined the fleshlight sleeves returning down and when we got there I inquired to speak to my buddy alone so we went to his space and I revealed him and I began weeping and he began weeping and I apologised to him like I did it to myself and we remained in his space gaming doing points to keep us satisfied.

  • garry

    Death angel

  • kempachi

    I dream’t I was a sad angel in heaven, and suddenly i fell to earth and was reborn to be a human baby already inside a mothers womb.

    • Dreams

      it reminds you about your birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jacky Byrne

    I had a dream that;s really bothered me – (I lost my farther last year)
    I was in a house and he pulled up in a car, he was obviously unwell- as he pulled up I was peeping around the door and noted 2 ladies getting out of the back of the car- both had long loose beige dresses on and beige Hennin hats- I decided I did not want to see him- as I went to go out the back door the 2 ladies floated past me- they both had 14 month old children sat on their hip and the ladies both had their heads to the side on the babies heads-they floated past and never looked at me or said anything- I rarely dream but this has left me with a horrid feeling all day- please help x