What does It Mean When You Drown In a Dream?

drowning dream meaning

Dreams are mysteries. Some people believe and have proved that a dream also has a meaning and can be a sign of an event in the world. One of the dreams that can come true is drowning. These dreams include nightmares. For those of you who dream of drowning, read more below.

Dream of drowning generally symbolize difficulty and disappointment. I once dreamed to drown and lapse several days mutated from my job and moved to another area.

Drowning dream meaning

Dream of saving someone from drowning
This dream is a good sign and a symbol of fortune. In the near future, you may gain happiness. Especially if someone you save survived.

The dream of seeing a child drown
This is a bad sign. This dream is a symbol of your child will be the one that failed.

Dreams drown in place
Dream of drowning can also be interpreted by place.

Drowned in the sea – a sign that all your expectations will be dashed. You will experience a deep disappointment.
Drown in a lake or pond – this is a sign you will be ill soon.
Drowned in the river – you will be carried emotionally to face a problem.

A ship is sinking
The sinking ship is interpreted as a sign that the person close to you will get divorced.

Dreams drown in the mud
If there is a dream like this, then you should be vigilant. Drowning in the mud is a symbol that you should consider your financial condition. Maybe you will engage in debt, in essence, your economy is not running smoothly.

Dream of swimming and drowning
Dream swim and drowned is also interpreted as hopelessness and disillusionment.