What Does it Mean When You Dream of Urine?

Are you looking for What Does it Mean When You Dream of Urine?
Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

pee dream meaning

Many people, men and women can have urine dreams. When you dream of urinating, you feel the urge to urinate, unwittingly urinating during sleep. Through urine, living things can get rid of substances that exist in the body. Together with eating and sleeping, this is one of the basic needs that humans and animals must fulfill.

Urine dreams represent emotions you do not realize. You should know that the dream context determines meaning. But usually dreaming of urine shows the loss of trouble, rebirth, the end of the conflict. Here are some possible cases of dreaming about urinating.

What does it mean to dream about pee?

Dream of peeing in bed
You are afraid and worried about what you will say. You are a rather shy and introverted person.

Pee in public
Depending on the context, it has something in common with the naked in public. This dream can mean indifference and spontaneity. You like to be considerate. Public urination symbolizes the lack of privacy you have in personal affairs. You are an independent person, but certain living conditions have led you to live a lifestyle you do not like. The misery of some people close to you is very disturbing to you. You are trying to be free but the only thing you get is feeling increasingly oppressed. This feeling often occurs when someone tries to control your life.

See your kid pee
This means your concern for your child’s well-being.

Dream of peeing on the toilet
It symbolizes an emotional crisis in some uncontrollable situations. You are human and you have your own limits. You must learn to express your emotions in time.

Drinking urine in a dream
Though it may be considered an unpleasant dream, this is a good sign. It warns you that a better time will come, where you can achieve all your plans. No one can ruin the plan you have set. In addition, this dream usually announces that you will recover from illness.

Dream urine blood or dirty urine
This indicates that you should perform a specific health check as soon as possible. Do not let yourself suffer any further. It is important for you to trust a professional’s opinion.

Dreaming of urination gains a different meaning according to the dream details and the way you face adversity. Dreaming urinating often related to the need at the time.