What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Are you looking for What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?
Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Someone in dream meaning

Some of you might be dreamed of someone in your sleep. Here is a summary of the dreams meaning about the someone you see, men, women, and children.

Someone you see in dream


  1. Dream of seeing a man gives something, means it is a real incident.
  2. Seeing a man who is already known, means well.
  3. Seeing parent, means getting favor.
  4. Seeing a man takes something from you, means getting what you dream of.
  5. Seeing a man takes your favorite treasure, means there is hostility.
  6. Dream of followed by the old man, means following the habit.
  7. Dream of followed by young man, means adversary.
  8. Seeing an old man turns to a young man, it means excitement.
  9. Seeing the young people but you do not know their name, means angry.


  1. Dream of seeing an old woman, meaning is treasure.
  2. Seeing an old woman, means ugliness.
  3. Seeing a beautiful woman, speak with her and make her laugh, means kindness and joy. If you are poor, it means getting money, if you are in jail means going free.
  4. Seeing a woman says to people, means something good.
  5. Seeing a few women move to a place, means many workers will come to that area.
  6. Seeing an unknown woman, it means losing something.
  7. Dream of kissing women, means losing something.
  8. Dream of your wife is calling a man, if you’re pregnant means you will have a boy, or something good.
  9. Dream about barren woman becomes pregnant, means kindness and peace in the world and the hereafter.
  10. Seeing your wife turns to old, means not good.
  11. Seeing some women fight, means major events in the world that makes some people feel anxious.
  12. Seeing women in large numbers, means better, if they turn towards to you with a smile on their faces.


  1. Dream of seeing teenager with nice body, a lot of smiles, means excitement and successful.
  2. Dream of seeing happy teenager, means good news.


  1. Dream of carrying a little boy, means sorrow and distress.
  2. Carrying a little boy in a sling, means safe from distress and grief.
  3. Boys are playing, means not good.
  4. Seeing your boss’s son in your house, means getting wealth and enjoyment.
  5. A little boy lost, it means your problems will be gone.


  1. Dream of seeing girls, means getting good.
  2. Dream of bringing girls, means good. When you sick will be healed or happiness.

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  • Chan

    I’ve been having a strange desire for over a week; it includes everybody in my lifestyle & it’s like I’m being seated discussing to every one of them and saying sorry to them. Even to some that have done me incorrect. & it’s consuming at me really bad!! Like there is something I need to do. My spouse cares I’m going to go away but I’m not unpleasant in my wedding and very satisfied.

  • Lisa

    I am a health professional and I just had a desire I was going into a medical facility where Sometimes for nightly move. There were several nursing staff working that evening who do not focus on my device. Some had used another device. One is a close buddy who works on another device and has never proved helpful on ours. Another health professional I have never seen before was displaying me how to fix a patient’s tooth. The affected person was a young lady who had several losing tooth. She had a molar that was damaged and coming out, but the molar was still connected at the bottom. The health professional confirmed on the individual how to protected tooth in place. I viewed her do it but never moved the individual or her tooth. Then I awoke.