Dream of Killing Flies that Attack You

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killing flies dream meaning

Flies play a very important role in the food chain. Flies help ecosystems to remove certain residues such as dirt and as food for other animals. Dreams of flies are usually a bad sign, symbolizing the spread of disease.

Dreams of flies are more frequent in summer. If you have a fly dream for no reason, you should know that dreaming of these insects represents jealousy, insecurity, insignificant problems, sick, and anxiety.

What does it mean to dream about flies?

Depending on how your dream context is, it can have different meanings. A person with a fly is usually a symbol of distrust. Some people think that flies as a symbol of negative feelings arise against a person or impulse that will harm us.

Dream of flies perched on your face
This means the arrival of new people into your life. These people will act in bad faith because they are jealous of you. Do not let these people bother you.

Dream fly is dead
This dream relates to conflict and family problems.

Dream of flies and mosquitoes
There are some issues that annoy you. The problem will be more serious if you do not fix it right away.

Dream of killing flies
Dreams where you kill flies are a way of solving your problems. It does not matter that you kill flies, even you have used insecticides or set up flying traps. Usually the dream of killing flies symbolizes how you avoid problems.

  • Dreams surrounded by flies show that you are in bad position. Your enemy is getting easier to attack you through humiliation. There are people who pretend to be friends, but hide their interests or feelings.
  • Dreams of becoming a fly symbolize something you hide and you become very involved in the problem.
  • Dreams of flies in the home give clues that there is someone who will interfere with your life. Houses represent your protection. If flies attack the danger will come.
  • The dream of a fly coming into your mouth warns of a bad event that is damaging your economy. Financial problems not only cause harm but also lead to family conflicts and divorce.
  • Dreams of flies in food mean a lack of initiative in work. Do not let laziness win over you.

In general, dreaming of insects is an unpleasant dream. Dreaming about flies encourages you to maintain health and avoid contact with suspicious people.