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Dolls in childhood have left a trail in your mind. They act as a substitute for friends when you are alone. To analyze doll dreams, keep in mind how the context of dreams is developed. Do you play with a doll in a dream? The doll became one of the dark characters which appeared in a horror movie. You should know that some people believe that doll dreams can also represent a childhood.

Dreaming about dolls often becomes a recurring dream in many cases. Dolls and also other toys generally represent the childhood. It may also indicate some sexual immaturity. Furry doll symbolizes love and tenderness, although its meaning varies. Here are some related meanings of doll in dreams:

What it means to dream a doll?

Dream of rag doll
There is nothing strange when you have this dream. Dreaming with a rag doll means you are a jovial and happy person. You adapt to the situation and do not need a good material item to feel good about yourself.

Porcelain doll dreams
Porcelain seems fragile, this means you often stumble easily and you tend to get out in a troubled situation.

Dreams of talking doll
You must learn to listen. Who has ear does not mean to hear well. Accept the advice of your family and friends. On the other hand, this dream symbolizes the introverted character. You are shy and difficult to express yourself with others. When you are making friends with dolls, it shows that you have to learn to interact with others.

Dream of getting doll gift
Dreaming about your birthday and get a doll gift represents that you attached to your childhood.

Dream of playing with a doll
The dream of playing with dolls means you feel overwhelmed by all the duties and obligations. You feel too young to have to assume certain responsibilities, feel helpless and tired.

Dream of seeing an old doll or broken
Old doll dreams represent a series of problems caused by your bad attitudes and choices. You should think twice before making a decision, because it may not only affect yourself but also others.

Throw a doll in a dream
This dream shows that a difficult time awaits you. You must overcome all obstacles and overcome frustration or failure.

Giving dolls to others
This dream says that you cannot hide your shortcomings and weaknesses. You need to be more careful because other people often use you.

Dream about living doll
This dream symbolizes your mentality that is a little childish.

Dreams about dolls also symbolize feelings of loneliness. Do you feel alone in this world and your friends have left you? The doll in your dream represents your desire to share experiences with someone. Maybe you do not have enough friends or family members.

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