What Does it Mean When You Dream of Cutting Your Hair

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Talk about dream interpretation will be endless. Dream of haircut is a bad sign. I experience it every time and there’s unpleasant events in my life. When there was friend who had died suddenly, the day before I had a dream to cut hair. When dreamed of cutting hair to bald, the next day I accidentally crash into a car on the way to workplace. That is dream, can not be explained logically, but often it can be proven in real life.

haircut dream meaning

As the lessons and wisdom for those of you who dream of cutting hair, I purposely summarizes the meaning of those dreams specifically based on the chronology. Dream dictionary related to haircut as follows.

Dream of cutting hair

  1. Dream of cutting your sister’s hair or brother – a family member is seriously ill until later died.
  2. Dream of cutting baby’s hair – will be granted all the desired intent, either about work, marriage, and sustenance.
  3. Dream of trimming the pubic hair – free of misfortune or disaster.
  4. Dream of cutting someone’s hair you don’t know – your best friend will die suddenly.
  5. Dream of cutting kid’s hair – happiness will come unexpected.
  6. Dream of cutting your son’s hair – you or your son will be sick with a fever.
  7. Dream of cutting gray hair – get health and longevity.
  8. Dream of cutting hair to bald – acquire the disaster on the streets when the middle traveling.
  9. Dream of cutting hair and eyebrows – will gain a happiness or a boon.
  10. Dream of cutting hair and mirrored – gain health and longevity
  11. Dream of cutting hair and shampooing – gain health and longevity
  12. Dream of cutting hair in the salon – you will make other people disappointed because of your actions.
  13. Dream of hair cutting in daylight – no meaning at all.
  14. Dream about pony haircut – pain or fever in a long time.

From the summary above, there are some dreams of that have a good sense. But more ominous. If you are having dream of cutting hair with a bad sign, take 3 pieces of your hair as an antidote right before you get out of bed.