What Does it Mean When You Dream of Crying

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

cry dream meaning

The dream of crying includes a dream that is rarely experienced by many people. Therefore, for those of you who dream of crying, this is considered a symbol given by nature to you. If you are dreaming of crying or seeing someone else crying, read the following for lessons.

Crying in dream

Sobbed dream
This dream symbolizes that you will get good news. Someone will come to your house to deliver the good news. In addition, the dream of sobbing can also mean that you will earn a great fortune immediately.

Dream to see people crying
Just like the previous dream, see people crying can also be interpreted as a symbol that you will get the happy news. However, the happiness is only temporary.

Dream of seeing your mother crying
This dream actually has no meaning whatsoever. In general, this dream is a mistake you make and hurt your mother or your parents. Immediately apologize for your mistake.

Dreams crying blood
Crying blood has a very bad sign. All blood-related dreams are often so. This dream is a symbol that someone in your family will die. Pray that this dream will not come true.

Dream baby crying
Seeing a baby crying is a good sign. This dream is a symbol that you will gain huge profits. Pray that this dream can come true.

Dream crying with fear
Fear and cry symbolize the good news you will meet. Good news can be anything, which obviously can make you feel happy.

It’s all about the dream of crying that I can explain. You can add insight and make yourself as a personal always introspective.

  • Hunger

    Inside my dream I’m crying, however I start crying with regard to real, and my sobbing actually wakes me upward. It’s such a strange sensation to wake up so unfortunate and scared, but this type of relief to realize that it was not real.