Dreams About Getting Fat

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

fat dream meaning

You may have dreams where you feel fatter very quickly. Why dream of becoming fat? This is a frequent dream for men and women who are on a hard diet. Your subconscious mind plays a bad trick and causes nightmares without any explanation. People who are on a diet program tend to experience this dream. They see themselves as before. On the other hand, this often happens to people who are obese naturally, paying attention to their image and self-esteem.

Obesity can be caused by various causes. Studies show that this chronic disease can not only cause illness, but it can even cause the death of those who suffer. At one time, obesity is synonymous with good health, but today it has been proven to bring many problems to our body. If before dinner you’ve eaten a lot of maybe you’ve also had a fat dream. Why am I dreaming fat?

What does a fat dream mean?

An increasingly fat dream relates to an era of luck in the professional or monetary field. If you continue to make good achievements in the workplace, your boss may pay attention to you and reward including job promotion. If you do not work, you will get money that is completely unexpected, related to inheritance or gambling.

Seeing a fat person in a dream is defined with prosperity. This is a good help dream. It represents the love and warmth of the people around us. If you are experiencing bad economic times, you do not even have to ask for help, because family and friends will accompany you. You should be grateful and happy to be surrounded by good people and unconditional companionship.

Dream of becoming fat also means you tend to be a person with low self-esteem. You worry about your reputation and how you see people around you. If you are on a low-calorie diet and you want to gain weight means you believe that this diet is not working. Nothing is further from reality. Keep your business and you will see how you get positive results.

If you’ve ever had a dream, when people laugh at you because being fat means you’re a complex person. You are afraid of being laughed at and people whisper behind your back. You must overcome shame and show yourself as you are.

  • Seeing a fat baby refers to romance. You will have a hard time. The differences you do not realize will happen.
  • Dream overweight, but in reality you are thin, this means you are not satisfied with yourself.
  • Seeing a fat cow in a dream tells you about prosperity and wealth.
  • The dream of eating constantly to fat means you want to finish everything quickly. However, you feel frustrated when you do not get it.
  • Dream your partner stop loving you because you fat is a sign of your anxiety and fear if your partner will leave you.
  • Your spouse fat dream means that you are worried about your spouse. You have to love your spouse because of the way they are. Look at the inner beauty, not from the outside.

Often different circumstances of the present day remind us of the past and which prevent us from progressing. Let us not make the same mistakes, and we will get out of trouble. The dream of becoming fat is also often attributed to help and delegating works to fulfill a true dream. Let us always remember that the dream interpretation will vary according to the experience and the way we see the world.