Dream of Wearing Wedding Dress

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

wedding dress dream meaning

Being a bride or groom is what many people want, sitting on the aisle on a historic day wearing wedding dress is desirable and even dreamed of. So what does a dream mean when someone is wearing a wedding dress? Perhaps some people have dreamed about this. The dream of wearing a wedding dress has two points, these are positive and negative. For those of you who still want to know what that means, here are some points of wearing a wedding dress.

Wedding dress in dream

Dream wearing a red wedding dress
It signifies your emotional state. Red color is often popular in wedding receptions. Red color is considered as a symbol of happiness in a party. Meanwhile, the dream indicates that you will feel angry in the near future.

Dream wearing a white wedding dress
Indicates a good dream, because white is always synonymous with kindness. That means your home life goes well and will have a definite purpose.

Dream wearing torn wedding dress
Indicates bad things will come, because everyone will be upset and angry when the clothes are torn. That means there will be misunderstandings in the household.

Here are some dream explanations in the wedding dress. Hopefully this becomes a reference for self introspection.

  • Natalie

    I known as my partner this morning hours to awaken him up and tell him hello and all that other lovely things. And he began saying that he had a desire about us getting wedded. My outfit was really fairly he said. And when my mom completed strolling me to the top side, I hit her. I just really want to know what exactly is this is behind this desire. Also, it’s not initially he’s had this desire.