Dream About Water Animals

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Water animal dreams meaning


  1. Crocodiles in dream, it means your best friends will not feel safe.
  2. Crocodiles pull you into water and you die in the water, meaning vices.
  3. Dream to pull crocodile ashore, means you win over your opponent.
  4. Dream of getting crocodile meat, skin, bones, means money.


  1. Leech in a dream, means greedy enemy.
  2. Leeches get into your throat, it means that there is an enemy in your family.
  3. Dream of seeing some leeches gathered in your body and sucking your blood, means your money reduced.
  4. Dream of seeing a leech attached to your body and then you take it off, means avoid trouble.


  1. Dream of getting frog, means good friends.
  2. Dream to see a lot of frogs, means god’s punishment.
  3. Meat a frog in a dream, it means something useful.
  4. Dream to speak with frogs, means getting a favor.


  1. Dream to find turtles, means friends with intelligent people and do not like the worldly life.
  2. Turtle meat, means science.


  1. Big fish means good fortune and small fish means trouble.
  2. Dream of hunting small fish, means money with lousy way.
  3. Dream of getting poisonous fish, it means a fight with your family.
  4. Dream of getting small fish and eat it, means pleasant thoughts.
  5. Dream of grilling whale, means spending money.
  6. Dream to see a whale opens its mouth wide, means prison.
  7. Dream to see two whales in the pool or in a place, it means friendship.
  8. Dream of finding pearl in the belly of the fish, meaning is blessed.
  9. Dream to open the belly of the fish and find a ring in it, means you will get a high position and power.
  10. Dream about fish out of your mouth, means speak unreasonable, sadness.
  11. Dream about fish out of your anus, meaning is not good.
  12. Dream to see the fish in a hot place, means a disrepute or disease.
  13. Dream to see the fish in a cool place, it means good.
  14. There is a fish in the belly of the fish, means get married.
  15. Dream of eating salted fish, means trouble.
  16. Dream of hunting fish in the sea, means gets pleasure.
  17. Dream of selling fish, means getting something good and useful for you and for your family.

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