Dream Walk Fall Down Meaning

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walk fall down dream meaning


  1. Walk in a dream means hope and a strong desire.
  2. Dream to stop from running, means accepting potluck.
  3. Walk and know what to look for, it means getting what you are looking for quickly and lucky.
  4. Dream of walking while riding the vehicle, means frequent traveling.
  5. Walk in the dust, means getting money fast.
  6. Walk on sand, means doing someone’s job.
  7. Walk on thorns and feel pain, means your family is in trouble because of you.
  8. Astray on the road, means astray in the world.
  9. Finding your way after getting lost, means getting guide after lost.
  10. Confuse to choose which road you should walk, means difficult to find a right way of kindness.
  11. Dream of passing the dark street, means lost.
  12. Out of the dark street, means guided.
  13. An animal is blocking your path, means your efforts stop there.
  14. Walk down the street without difficulty, means successfully without difficulty.
  15. To see the road that branches and don’t know which way to pass, means confusion.
  16. Dream of misleading people on the street, it means a loss.

Fall down

  1. Dream of falling, means an advantage for your opponent.
  2. Dream of falling from high places such as mountain or building, means can not be perfect.
  3. Dream of falling due to hit a punch, it means misfortune befalls.


  • Jerry

    I desire for absolutely no purpose i begin dropping and getting really quick rate.
    I get really afraid im always benefit down never experiencing diwn i know i need to awaken so i try to yell but i can not create a disturbance and its a croak i really anxiety i think to myself its an ideal it will end don’t anxiety then i awaken but its terrifying.

  • Art

    I keep having the same desire, although it occurs in different configurations a lot. Individuals create humor that if you drop in a desire and don’t awaken before you hit the floor, you’ll die. I keep having goals where I drop from a great position. It seems like I’m actually dropping.