Dream About Village Meaning

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Village in dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about village?

  1. The dreams of being in a village, the meaning is less reassuring.

  2. A dream to move from village to the city, means safe from what you fear and always protected.

  3. Dream out of a village, meaning it is good.

  4. Dream of seeing a village hit by flood or seeing an unpopulated village, meaning is the village authorities deviate.

  5. Dream of entering a village, means getting opportunity.

  6. Dream to see a village attacked by animals, means residents in the village hit by poverty or unemployment.

  7. Dream to see greening in some villages, means prosperity.

  8. Dream of busy doing something in the village, means getting something usable.

  9. Dream to measure a village, means cultivating a job and ultimately successful.

  10. Dream of seeing a big village, exceeding the size of a village in general, meaning is a big fortune.