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Tooth in a dream means the family and relatives. Upper tooth is male and the bottom is female. While canine tooth is powerful people.

tooth dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about tooth

  1. Teething beside the teeth, means getting benefits from those whose position like those teeth.
  2. Dream of using a toothbrush, means a quarrel with family members.
  3. Dream of your teeth broken, meaning a disgrace that befall your family members. It also means a great compliment.
  4. Dream blunt teeth, meaning is weakness that afflicts.
  5. Dream of cleaning teeth, means donating money to dispel misery of others.
  6. Dream about teeth grow and painful, means a misery and calamity.
  7. To dream someone pulled off your teeth, then he break the fraternity, or get the money for something that is not preferred.
  8. Dream about teeth apart and fall on the ground and then taken, means having a boy. If not is taken, means the death.
  9. Dream about metal on teeth, means not good at all.
  10. Dreaming of teeth become rather long, means well and praise due to his kindness.
  11. Dream about teeth defects, means there are 3 things; distress, death, and weakly ideals.
  12. Dreaming of teeth fall in your room and put it your clothes or fell into your hands, means to give birth or will spend money.
  13. Dream of losing all his teeth, means money runs out.
  14. To dream have no teeth and is hard to eat, means poverty and need help.
  15. Dream of cleaning teeth with beer, means not good at all.
  16. Take off the teeth, means acquiring goodness.
  17. Tooth apart and then back again as before, means your family reunited.
  18. To dream have no teeth, then grow new teeth, means changes in your life.
  19. To dream have only one tooth, it means your life in a year. Each tooth means one year.
  20. Dream of teeth are growing in inappropriate places, means a success that is not commendable.
  21. Dream about shiny teeth, means eat something that is prohibited or dirty money.

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