Dream About Sun Moon Star Meaning

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dream star sun moon meaning


  1. Dream of grasping the sun with your hand, means you have power, greatness, and dignity.
  2. Take the sun but don’t make the sky become dark, it means joy after sorrow.
  3. Dream to see the sun is shining brightly in your own home, means propose.
  4. Bow down to the sun means an error.
  5. Dream about sun in your hands with dark or black color, means something unpleasant.
  6. Sun talks to you, means the glory and awards.
  7. 2 suns collide each other, mean 2 kings fight each other.
  8. Seeing the sun out of the earth and hot, mean if you are sick will be cured.
  9. Seeing the sunrise after sunset, means something will be revealed.
  10. Sunrise from the west, means there is something big will happen or a warning from God.


  1. Dream of catching the moon, means being a minister or a person close to the king.
  2. Moon is talking to you, means getting power and fulfilled needs.
  3. Two full moon at war, means two kings at war.
  4. Seeing the moonrise in someone’s house, means propose someone in that house.
  5. Dream of seeing the moon, means the birth of a boy.
  6. Seeing moonset, it means the problem will be completed.
  7. Seeing the moonrise and moonset, means everything are not perfect.
  8. Seeing the moon divided into two parts, means damage.
  9. Seeing fused moon after devided, means ask for justice.
  10. Seeing the moon out of the line, means you will lose your son.
  11. Seeing the moon falls to earth, means bad behavior.


  1. Two stars are opposite each other, meaning a dispute between two men, then the missing star is the loser.
  2. Starlight exposure, means benefit.
  3. Seeing stars in the sky or in the house with a bright light, means getting a good thing.
  4. Your head becomes a star, means the debts to be paid in installments.
  5. Seeing stars fall to the ground, means the death of a good man. When you have a brother who go abroad, means he get back.
  6. Watching some stars gathered in your house, means showing damage.

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