Dream About Stone and Rocks What Does it Mean

Are you looking for Dream About Stone and Rocks What Does it Mean
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stone dream meaning

Stone symbolizes the tough nature, quiet, and stiffness. Stone dreams show stability in the real world. In general, the stone symbolizes personality with firm conviction and unshakable.

Stone in the dream can be a symbol of anything. When the stone is destroyed, this is a serious sign. Meanwhile rocks show a rigid and unshakeable structure. When a rock blocks the way, it is an obstacle in achieving the goal.

What does it mean when you dream about stone

  1. Dream about rocks, means possessions.
  2. Dream of lifting white rock, means friendship with a nice people.
  3. Lifting the yellow rock, means to be friends with the poor.
  4. Red Stone, means a poor man about his religion.
  5. Stones that mixed black and white, means hypocrite.
  6. Dream of gathering stones, means raising money and traveling.
  7. Dream of dropping a stone from your hand, means give money to others with displeasure.
  8. Dream of collecting small stones, means to collect treasures.
  9. Seeing someone throwing a rock, means vile word.
  10. Dream to pry boulders, means seeking something difficult.
  11. Dream of breaking stones, means researching a case and be able disclose it.
  12. Rock climbing, if not married it means to be married, if already married means working on various cases.
  13. Banged the stick on a rock and the water came out, means will be rich.
  14. Dream of draping stone on the neck, means ugliness or debt.
  15. Leaning on a rock, means you will give a problem to others.
  16. Dream to see birds fell from the sky and then drop a pebble means benefit.
  17. Dream of throwing someone with gravel, means accusing person.