What Does it Mean When You Dream About Sky

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

blue sky dream meaning

The sky is the space that surrounds our planet. The sky is a great attraction for humans and fascinates us. We can see the sun and moon in the sky. The sky in a dream is often associated with an infinite expanse beyond our ability, as well as sky dreams will have many meanings.

In the dream interpretation, the sky becomes freedom and indicates future opportunities. If the sky is in a dream in blue, this symbolizes a positive and happy dream as planned. Blue sky can also be interpreted as a reference trip to come. If the sky in dreams is filled with stars, it usually symbolizes financial gain. When you see cloudy sky it means sorrow.

The sky as a dream symbol offers quite different interpretations. The blue sky, symbolizes a positive attitude in a psychological sense. Clear colors like the sky show a person’s soul.

Sky dream meaning

  1. Dream of being in the first sky level means the end of your life.
  2. The second level sky means you will gain knowledge.
  3. The third level sky means you get the attention from your environment.
  4. The fourth level sky shows that you can get along with people who have power.
  5. The fifth level sky means you will be saddened.
  6. The sixth level sky means you have good luck.
  7. The seventh level sky means you get a favorable position.
  8. Flying to the sky but the door is closed defined as misfortune.
  9. A walk in the sky and do not return to earth would symbolize dies.
  10. Getting a call from the sky symbolizes kindness.
  11. Building in the sky means you will die.
  12. Dust and sand falling from the sky symbolize something that is not good if much.
  13. Down from the sky slowly means doing virtue.
  14. Dream of seeing the sky split means there will be disputes.
  15. Yellow sky – war.
  16. White sky – enjoyment.
  17. Green sky – kindness.
  18. Black sky – bad economy.

The sky can also be an expression of desire to stay away from the social sphere. This does not have to be evaluated negatively, as it often helps to see the situation better. Anyone who dreamed about sky seems to have a widespread desire like the sky itself, larger than life.