Dream About Sheep Meaning

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Sheep dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about sheep

  1. Sheep in a dream, means a great man and glorious
  2. Dream of riding a sheep, means to make people follow your orders.
  3. Bringing sheep on your back, it means bringing goods for big people.
  4. A sheep is riding on your back, means you will lose.
  5. Break the horns, means you lose your strength.
  6. Dream of killing sheep, means a fight with someone and victory for you.
  7. Dream of seeing two sheep butting each other, means the dispute.
  8. Dream of seeing a dead sheep, means someone dies.
  9. Dream of butchering a sheep, means you can pay the debt.
  10. To split between sheepskin with meat, means taking your enemy’s money.
  11. Dream of burning sheep, means sickness.
  12. Dream of getting sheep, means power.
  13. Seeing sheep’s head, means the arrival of your opponents and win over them.
  14. Sheep is jumping over you, means get something unpleasant.
  15. Dream about lambskin, means to get money.
  16. Sheep’s dung, means to get money.
  17. Dream of selling sheep, means someone needs you.