Dream About Sea River Meaning

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Sea river dream meaning


  1. Dream of drinking sea water, if the water is clear, means find a good thing.
  2. Dive into the sea, even down to the seabed, means trouble.
  3. Dream to plunge into the sea or swimming out to sea, meaning is arrested.
  4. Dream of diving in the sea, means out of insolvency.
  5. Seeing the sea from a distance, means you want something but never make it.
  6. Walk on the sea, means the safe from hell.
  7. Marine animal eats you, means keeping a secret.
  8. Dream of seeing the sea waves, means a great sin.
  9. Excrete something out of the sea, means profit.
  10. Dream of drinking sea water and salty, means finding money in the wrong way.
  11. Dream of removing objects from the sea which makes pain, means an opponent.
  12. Drowned in the sea, means great sin.
  13. Swim in the sea, means sick or sad.
  14. Dream of crossing the sea, means sadness and distress but ultimately survive.
  15. Dive into the sea and disappear, it means fear of dying.
  16. Take the sea water, means money.
  17. The sea of blood, means slander.


  1. Dream to cut off the flowing river, means break up relationship.
  2. Watering something with river water, means acquiring goodness.
  3. River water is flowing in the garden, means going to get married or have a kid.
  4. Dream of drinking river water, means success in life. If the water is bitter, means sickness.
  5. Something is floating in the river, means a favor and get something useful.