Dream About Robber Thieves Meaning

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dream about robber meaning

Dream about lost goods can be scary to you. Of course, you don’t want to lose stuff. What if you lose the goods in a dream, it may be stolen or robbed? Sometimes the meaning of dream is the opposite of the dream itself. For more detail, the following describes meaning of dream about robber and thief.

The dream of stealing occurs to a confident person, whereas a stolen dream occurs in vulnerable people and the harm that occurs is a sentimental or material crisis. Dreaming that you are robbed can be interpreted as your fear of trickery or losing your property. There is a part of your life that you think is vulnerable to harm.

Theft and robbery are identical to unfulfilled desires. It also means frustrating because you cannot have an item. You do not have to be an envious or greedy person. You will be surprised to know that many of the most honest people you know, at some point in their lives have been dreaming to steal what they can not actually get in their life.

What does it mean when you dream about robbery

  1. Dream of robber is taking your money and goods, means will go to someone, but that guy is less happy, then will get avail but accused of taking something.
  2. Dream of seeing robbers gathered but unable to take the money, means sick nearly to death, but recover again.
  3. There is a robber taking something, it means lying.
  4. Dream of robber is taking your stuffs, means getting disaster for you or for your friends.
  5. To dream become robber and people are taking your goods, means bad economy.
  6. Seeing the robber comes to you and torture you, means you get help from God.
  7. To dream become persecuted robber, means the enemy wins over you.
  8. Dream about thieves entered the house and took something, means somebody in that house will die soon.
  9. Dream about thieves entered the house but didn’t take anything, means severe illness but recover again.