Dream of Riding a Bicycle

Dream of Riding a Bicycle

A bicycle is a transportation tool, which is now rarely used because of technological advances. Riding a bicycle is now more often used for exercise and recreation, no wonder if people start rarely driving it for a special purpose.

According to dream researchers, riding a bicycle is associated with a life journey or your future condition. Riding a bike is analogous to the struggle to do the purpose of life. But the meaning of dreams about riding a bicycle can be known when we look at the chronology.

Dream of riding a bike

Riding a bike
Pedaling bicycle symbolizes the wisdom to deal with problems that will confront you. So you have to struggle with patience to realize the ideals that have been buried.

Riding a bike with someone
It is about cooperation to make goals. If in the dream you are behind, then you will become a pioneer or leader, while if you are in front, it is a symbol of ease to seek fortune.

Fall from bicycle
This is a bad sign about your life. This dream means a symbol of the problem that hits your life. You must be strong to face upcoming issues.

A flat bike tire
This dream is also a symbol of evil. This dream is a sign of hopelessness and failure. But do not be discouraged, pray that this dream is not proven.

Ride a flying bike
This is a sign of goodness. You must be happy when dreaming like this. This dream symbolizes the ease of seeking profit and gets your goals.

Here are some dream meanings about riding a bike that I can say in this session. You can make it as a learning and improve your life quality.