Dream About Rainbow Meaning

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

As you know that dreams sometimes come when you’re sleeping. Probably most of you already know that the dream is process result of cerebellum that has graced your sleep. There are so many things present in dreams, good or bad. However, did you know that things present in the dream a sign of your life. It is believed some people as a thing that could possibly happen in real life. It turns out when you encounter certain things in your dreams, such as for example saw rainbow in your dreams, it gives a sign.

Rainbow dream meaning

We all already know that the rainbow consists of a variety of colors so that the rainbow looks like a symbol of happiness for the people. So if you dream of seeing a rainbow, is it also a good sign?

Rainbow in various colors dream meaning

Seeing red rainbow glowing in dream
If you ever saw a rainbow of glowing red, this is a good sign for you. If you currently have a strong desire, then your dream can come true. This is a good sign for you, so if you experienced it then congratulations.

Dream of seeing rainbow that emit light in the sky
Rainbow colors would be very beautiful in the sky and it would be wonderful if rainbow rays bouncing into the sky. If you had a dream like this, then this is a sign that you will have a good relationship with rival or enemy.

Seeing red rainbow
If you saw rainbows with red color dominance, then it is a sign that your wish will soon come true.

Meaning of dream to see rainbow depending on how you see them in dreams. If you experience one of the dream as above, then you can find out because your dreams have meaning.

  • Ash

    It was one of the oddest yet most wonderful goals I ever had. I had it a short time ago, but I only keep in mind certain areas of it. I imagined that I could see myself sailing in sundown, as if Iā€™m in a state of hypnosis with my black locks sailing around in waves and mild originating from my temple. In this desire, my perspective was from above. So I could see a manage universe behind my sailing determine, and all the colors of the spectrum around it.