Dream About Pole Stairs Meaning

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Stairs dreams pole meaning

What does it mean when you dream about pole

  1. Pole in a dream, it means people are honest.

  2. Dream of beating people with a pole, means hearing a speech that hurts.

  3. Dream of holding the pole, means strong body.

  4. Someone takes the pole from your hand, means weak.

  5. Dream of seeing pole leaning to one side, means your servant no longer obey you and betray you.

  6. To see a wooden pole, means getting power.

  7. An iron pole, means strong.

  8. There is a small pole beside the pole, means your family members multiply.

  9. Dream of leaning on a pole, means your life depends to older women.

What does it mean when you dream about stairs

  1. Stepping up the stairs in dream, means to achieve goodness.

  2. Stepping up the stairs of brick or limestone, mean ugliness.

  3. Stepping up the long ladder, means being a leader.

  4. Down the stairs, means the position down.

  5. Stepping up the stairs, then down, then up again, and so on, means your business success.

  6. Stepping up the stairs of the house, means gain power and strength.

  7. Stepping up many stairs, it means getting power of someone who first had it.

  8. Walking down the stairs, meaning is your rank down.

  9. Stepping up the a long stairs, means benefit in the trade.

  10. Walking down the stairs level by level, means that the merchandise not sell.

  11. To see the stairs are made of wood or bamboo, means losing an argument.