Dream Pee Poop Fart Meaning

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Pee poop fart


  1. Urine in a dream, means illicit money.
  2. Peeing in an unknown place, then you will be married at that place.
  3. Dream as though you piss, then you donate money that will return to you.
  4. Urinating blood, means having a disabled child.
  5. Dream pee just a half, means spending half wealth, wasting hard-earned the rest.
  6. Wash your face with urine, means having a good son.
  7. Dream pee in the house of worship, means collecting money.
  8. Dream peeing on clothes,means use money to support a family but with the dispute.
  9. Dream of peeing in the well, means donation.
  10. Urinating on merchandise, it means loss.
  11. Dream holding urine, means anger or deposit money.
  12. Someone is peeing on your body, means giving money to someone who peed on.
  13. Dream of drinking the urine of someone you know, means people like you.
  14. Yellow urine, means a weak child.
  15. Dream of peeing on the proper place, meaning excitement when sad, when indigent will be rich.


  1. Dream of pooping, means spending money. If pooping in protected places, means spending money for your own sake. When pooping in the middle of the road, means that money out in vain.
  2. Pooping with hard stool, means some of your money run out. Watery stool, mean all your money run out.
  3. Dream of pooping then people see you, means an open disgrace.
  4. Dream of collecting feces, means to collect money.
  5. Pooping somewhere, means spending money for your own pleasure.
  6. Dream of pooping on your own body, means a mistake.
  7. Dream of pooping on the sheets, means long illness,
  8. Dream of eating dirt, means dirty money.
  9. Dream of sitting on animal dung, means to get money from relatives.


  1. Fart in a dream, means distress and grief. If it happens in the crowd, means shame or disgrace.
  2. Fart accidentally with a sound, means pleasure and benefits.
  3. Smelling fart, means excitement after hard times.

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