Mountain Dreams and Everything Related to Mountains

Are you looking for Mountain Dreams and Everything Related to Mountains
Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

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Everyone must overcome difficulties in life. It is often very important how to deal with these difficulties. Mountain symbol in dreams provide interpretative possibilities. Mountain dreams reflect psychological behavior in everyday life. Dreams about the mountain usually become obstacles in the future.

Seeing the mountain is about your confidence in personality. Did you climb the mountain and reach the peak?

What does it mean when you dream about mountain

  1. Dream of leaning or sitting on top of the mountain, means to be the closest to a boss.
  2. Dream of climbing the mountain, means shelter from God.
  3. Go to the mountain and take place, means benefit.
  4. Seeing the green mountain and nice, means a noble king.
  5. Seeing a mountain into dust, means humiliation.
  6. Seeing a mountain filled with thorns, means a person who likes to hurt people either by words or deeds.
  7. The dark mountain, meaning is the damage and disaster.
  8. Looking at the hole in the mountain, and then enter it, means disaster.
  9. Dream to see mountain in the distance, means a problem.
  10. Feel like on top of the mountain that is on the move, means a great power.
  11. Dream to come down from the mountain means something that is cultivated not perfect.
  12. Climbing a mountain straightaway, means getting goodness.
  13. Seeing a mountain fell from distant places, means trouble.
  14. Seeing a mountain on fire, it means the death of a king.
  15. Dream to get into the cave, means leaving the mortal world. When get out means getting into trouble.
  16. Dream of entered the dark cave, means death.
  17. Go inside the cave and out again, means severe illness later recovered.
  18. Dream to leave something in the cave, means the authorities will take part of your property.
  19. Dream into a ravine that much wood, means to have rich friends.
  20. Dream of getting lost in a ravine, means death.

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