Dream About Lightning Thunder Wind Flood Thunderbolt Meaning

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Those who experience work stress, family problems, social, tend to dream about floods, lightning, wind. As humans, we always face life problems are diverse. Dreams can give us an idea about your psychological condition now in dealing with life problems. On this occasion, we will give a review related to the meaning of dreams about wind, flood, lightning, thunder with a variety of experiences and interpretations.

dream about lightning flood wind thunder

What does it mean when you dream about lightning

  1. Dream about lightning can mean fear and threats. But it could also mean fun and excitement.
  2. Dream of seeing lightning into the house, if a farmer means the soil becomes dry as long it doesn’t rain.
  3. Dream about lightning burned his clothes, means your couple will die when sick.
  4. To dream took a lightning, it means trying to gain favor and benefit. When lightning shines continuously, meaning a lot of pleasure.

What does it mean when you dream about thunder

  1. Dream to hear the thunder when it rains, it means getting good.
  2. Dream about thunder with lightning means a leader who deviates in the region.
  3. Thunder in dream means as the punishment, wisdom, and the anger of a king.

What does it mean when you dream about thunderbolt

  1. Dream of seeing thunderbolt falls on a region, then forcibly the inhabitants of the area. So they should repent to God for their mistakes.
  2. Seeing thunderbolt falls from the sky, means a danger and bloodshed, because the war will arise in that place.
  3. Seeing thunderbolt crashed and burned, meaning is damage caused by punishment.
  4. Dream about thunderbolt falls on your house, means dead.

What does it mean when you dream about wind

  1. Seeing the wind is blowing very hard, means fears threatening residents of the area.
  2. Dream of a very strong wind to blow down trees, mean harm befall people in the region, such as infectious disease outbreaks.
  3. The wind is blowing breeze, means misfortune for its inhabitants.
  4. Dream of wind flung you up, means migrated away.
  5. Dream of blown into the sky, a sign near your death. If the dream of wind slammed you back to earth, means sick and recover.
  6. Dream of sitting on the wind, then get greatness and the problem is complete.
  7. Dream of winds is blowing west or east means goodness and health.
  8. South wind is blowing, means your wealth increases.
  9. Dream of see the north wind is blowing lightly, indicating a recovery.
  10. Seeing two opposite wind, means the two groups of soldiers at war.

What does it mean when you dream about flood

  1. Dream about flood, means infectious diseases.
  2. Dream of flood hit the city, it means to be an outbreak of infectious diseases in the city.
  3. Seeing the flood swept house away, means enemy attack.
  4. Seeing waterways flow without any rain, it means that the blood spilled in that place.
  5. Seeing canals flood water caused by rain, means trouble hit people in that place.
  6. Flood suddenly appeared on the river, there is a hostility.
  7. Seeing the flood in your house, means apprise the opponent and preventing harm to relatives.

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