Dream About Lamp Candle Meaning

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

In general, the light in dream means a bright path. The light is always bright, illuminating our steps. But if the light goes off, then this is a bad sign, because no light that illuminates our path. We live in darkness.

dream about candle lamp meaning

What does it mean when you dream about lamp

  1. The lamp in dream, it means help.
  2. Dreams to turn on many lamps, meaning blessed with dutiful son.
  3. Dream of seeing branched lamps then switch off, means death.
  4. Dream of seeing the brightly lamp, it means justice.
  5. Dream about lamp on the hand, means glory and power.
  6. Dream about lantern with two axes, means 2 kids .
  7. Dream to blow the lantern out, means thwart someone’s effort, but fail.
  8. Dream of walking at night and bringing lantern, means an effort.
  9. Dreams of a lamp is illuminating your house, means good and strong position.
  10. Dream to fix the lamp, means a good news.
  11. Dream to see lantern rise into the sky with you and never come back, it means death.

What does it mean when you dream about candle

  1. Dream about lit candle, means pleasure and power.
  2. Dream to take candle from someone’s hand, means an honor and strength from that someone.
  3. Dream about lit candle then extinguished, means relatives die.
  4. Dream about candle on the hand lit then extinguished by someone, means slander against him.
  5. Dream about candle in your hand but not lit, means gain pleasure but not so much.
  6. Dream to see many lit candles in the school, indicating a bustle in that place.