Dream of Being Kidnapped and Held Hostage

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kidnapping dream meaning

dreams about being kidnapped and trying to escape

Kidnapping is illegal, where someone robs the freedom of others and forces them to obey commands. The kidnappers usually expect a ransom from the victim’s family or perhaps free the victim. In addition there are criminals who kidnap children because they need human organs.

Kidnapping dreams can occur when your freedom oppressed by others. Dream of kidnapping attributed to the control, limitation, and freedom. The dream meaning will change according to the role you play in the dream, as a kidnapper or as a victim. Dream of kidnapping can be directly related to selfishness in real life. This dream can happen to people who like to persuade others for their sake. Everyone has their own opinions, so you have to reconsider what you do not need to do.

At certain stages in our lives, we all have experienced strange feelings because we cannot do what we want. Mysterious dreams like kidnapping, you may never know how this kind of dream happened.

What does it mean to dream about kidnapping?

Dream of being kidnapped is also a very common nightmare for women living in big cities that are prone to crime. Here are some dream interpretations you can use as a consideration:

  1. When you dream that you are kidnapping someone, this dream explains that you have a lot of power and influence on certain people. You can direct the lives of others as you please.
  2. If you are collaborating with a kidnapper in a dream, this dream represents the people in your neighborhood. In the circle of your friends, there are always bad people or people who influence you to commit bad acts.
  3. When in a dream that you are kidnapped or held hostage, this dream symbolizes that people only use you for their benefit. This means that you have fallen into their trap.
  4. If in a dream that you are being abducted by aliens, this dream symbolizes that some events will change the way you see things. You will experience a positive change in your life.
  5. If in a dream that you see someone kidnapping your friends, this dream symbolizes that your friend needs help.
  6. If you see the news of a kidnapping in a dream, this dream symbolizes that you cannot express yourself freely to others.
  7. If in a dream that you are kidnapped and placed in a closed room, this dream symbolizes distrust in yourself when making decision.

Dreams of kidnapping have very similar meaning to the dream of a prison because of they both lost freedom. To avoid danger, you must strengthen your mentality without relying on someone.