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Horse dream meaning

Horse is an animal quite close to humans and since ancient times has been used for transportation and for horse racing. One of the advantages of the horse is its strength and speed. Horses are a symbol of honor, strength, and friendship. The horse in the dream with its vivacious movement may be the psychological distress that comes from your life. The dream may seem your anxiety about something that is bothering your mind.

Horse dream is often attributed to the idea of passion and strength. But not only that, the horse is also a symbol of freedom and nobility. Usually a dream with a horse will have a good omen and a nice vibe.

Everyone, though it is true, young people often dream of horses. Horse dreams are often interpreted as ways to control our passions and desires. If you dream of a running horse you cannot control it can be interpreted because your passion will not arrive at a good harbor.

In some interpretations, horses dreams are interpreted as a good sign, that will arrive a fortune related to romance or friendship. Seeing a horse in a dream is a clue to be more active in improving yourself. Here are some horse-related dream interpretations. The information presented is just an interpretation and not something that is definitely applicable. Some interpretations may show opposite meanings and therefore all return to you.

A horse is trapped
Dream entangled horse usually occurs when there is a problem lurking. We have to calm the horse so we do not fall.

Horses with different colors
Bright colors are often linked to the idea of success, purity, trust, and prosperity. Black horses are often associated with mystery, unbelief, etc.

Horses are dirty or covered in mud
If the horse has some kind of stain is usually interpreted because you fear someone close to you will betray you.

Combing the horse mane and cleaning it
You are a generous person and have many friends.

Dream of riding a horse to escape
If during your sleep you dream of riding a horse and you realize that someone is chasing you means a trick from someone.

Dream of falling from a horse
Usually falling dreams are not interpreted with good results. If during sleep you fall from a saddle in some kind of circumstance then it is interpreted as a failure.

Horse in dreams what does it mean

  1. Horse in a dream, means the glory and honor.
  2. The horse-tail is growing longer and more fur, means your life is excellent.
  3. Riding a horse without a saddle, then walk on the wall, means commit sin.
  4. Ride a horse and fly, or that horse has wings and fly, meaning is glory.
  5. Dream of lying face down on a horse, means to achieve power.
  6. Intercourse with a horse, commits a great sin and debauch.
  7. Dream of falling from a horse, means fired from your job.
  8. Get off the horse, then up to the other horse, means moving from one place to another.
  9. Dream of selling horse, means you get out of your job by your own accord.
  10. Dream of seeing a few horses are running somewhere, means flooding will occur in that place.
  11. Horses close to you, it means a power.
  12. There are people behind you ride horses, means that people want to trouble you.
  13. Horse bites you, it means your family needs a job.
  14. You lost your horse, means divorced.
  15. Dream of buying a horse, means married.

When riding a horse, there will be a horse bridle to control it all the time. It is our subconscious that shows us that we have control in our lives. We distribute our lives in a way most appropriate for us. No external agents are lurking to divert us from our intentions.