Dream About Gems Meaning

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dream gems meaning


  1. Gems in a dream, means women. If many gems, means money.

  2. Dream to see white diamond, means you will have a boy.

  3. Dream to perforate diamond, means married.

  4. Turquoise, meaning is strength, profitability.

  5. Emerald, means your children, brother or sister, and money.

  6. Agate, means righteous people.

  7. Someone gives you agate, means make friends with righteous people.

  8. Pearl means a good woman.

  9. You have many pearls, means money and favor.

  10. Dream of seeing a big pearl, it means you get a lot of money.

  11. Dream of selling pearls, means get something good.

  12. Dream of throwing pearl to the bottom, it means that your daughter married.

  13. Dream of getting pearls, means kindness.

  14. Dream to get scattered pearls, you will have a lot of kids.