Dream of Flying Jumping Meaning

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flying jumping dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream of jumping

  1. Dream of jumping from one place to another, it means a changing situation.
  2. Jump away means to go away.
  3. Dream of jumping while doing what you like, means traveling and gaining profit, profit, help from God, and achieve your goal.
  4. Dream of jumping but not meet the destination, meaning is your goal will not be accomplished.
  5. Dream of jumping with a cane, means ask for help from people who do not like to help.
  6. Dream of jumping over the wells or rivers. or excavation, means moving from things that are not favored in the past.
  7. Jump over people, means defeating your enemy.
  8. Jump then disappear, it means death.

What does it mean when you dream of flying

  1. Dream of flying like a bird from one place to another, it means traveling and get high dignity depends on the height of flight.
  2. Fly to the sky, means getting trouble. When not descend means death.
  3. Dream to fly like a bird without wings, meaning there are changes in life.
  4. Dream to fly over the loft to another loft, it means marry after a divorce.
  5. Dream to fly from his home to an unknown home means near to death.
  6. Having wings like a bird, means getting something big.
  7. Dream to fly to the sky and then back again to the earth, meaning is seriously ill and almost dead.
  8. Dream to fly to the top of the mountains, then gain immense power.
  9. Dream to fly without wings, it means obtaining what they want.
  10. Dream to fly to the sky, it means death.


  • Danny

    I had an ideal that I was traveling down the road next to my home. I experienced excellent and 100 % free but then I was ceased by this lady whom I’ve never seen before and she requested me if she could destroy my ex partner that in actual lifestyle, lately split up with me. It took me 60 seconds to think about it lol but I said no.

  • dhamo

    What u have told is true. 7 th one is absoletly ture which i am in this stage.