Dream of Flood Inside the House

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

flood dream meaning

Flood is a situation where water volume inundated an area and has crossed the boundary so that water flooded the area. Trapped in a flood is an unpleasant condition. Not just restrict movement, stuck in the floods can also threaten safety. Generally the flood is described as a critical condition and apprehensive.

In dream interpretation, flooding as the focus of your dream detail can be a bad sign or even a good sign for your life. Good or bad meaning depends on how the conditions in the dream and its relation to your life today.

In general, the dream of a flood is interpreted as a good sign, you will find it easy or enough. However, if you are stuck in the flood, then it is interpreted as a bad omen. Here are some interpretations of flood-related dreams in various situations.

Dreams about flood

Dream trapped in floods
This is a bad sign, you will get good praise but it will make you arrogant and forget yourself.

Dream of mud flood
It’s a good sign, luck will come to you.

Dreams dragged by the flood but survived
This is a good sign, there will be someone who is proud of your personality.

Dream of the great flood
It is a good sign, lucky fate will come to you and your family in the near future.

Dream to see flood
Is a good sign, you will get a wealth of life.

Flood in the house
It is a bad sign, this is a picture that there will be someone who has a bad intention on you or a thief.

Dreams flooded
A bad sign, your economic condition will decrease.