Dream About Your Ex Meaning

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

dream your ex

The term ex is generally used to refer to someone who had been close to your life. There are ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, and various other former types. If connected with the dream meaning, this term has a special meaning. Follow the explanation through the following exposures.

Your ex in dream

These dreams can have diverse meanings according to what they mean. In this case, if you dream of meeting your ex, this is usually a bad sign.

Dream of meeting your ex and family
An outbreak of a disease that will attack you and a friend you know.

Dream of seeing your ex married
Married dreams is closely related to the short life of someone we see being a bride in the dream. This dream can also mean sickness.

Dream of meeting your ex-dead
Someone will come with bad news.

Dream of seeing your ex crying
You will get bad news in the near future.

Seeing your ex-husband
For those of you who have divorced and dreamed of meeting your ex-husband, then this could mean you will get a mate or have a child from the next marriage.

Seeing your ex-wife
Dream of meeting the ex-wife also has the same meaning to the dream of meeting the ex-husband. If you are married again, this dream is a sign that you are going to have babies, but if you are not married yet, this could be a sign your mate is getting closer.

Seeing your ex-boss
Ever have a boss and you dream of meeting him? Maybe this could be a sign that you will get a big fortune in some time. Try your best to pick up the fortune. Because fortune does not come by itself but it takes an effort to get it.