Dream About Elephant Meaning

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Elephant dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about elephant

  1. Dream of seeing an elephant but you don’t ride it, meaning is poor financial condition.
  2. Herding elephants in dream, means you make a friend with someone.
  3. You have elephants in your dream, means to get money or luck.
  4. Dream of seeing an elephant killed somewhere, means someone dies on that spot.
  5. Dream to see an elephant as if to scare you, means sickness.
  6. Fall from an elephant in dream, means death.
  7. Speak to an elephant, means receive kindness.
  8. Dream of an elephant followed you, means bad things.
  9. An elephant hit you, means a lot of money.
  10. Dream of riding an elephant, means marry when still single or means no benefit. When you riding an elephant at noon, means divorce.
  11. Dream of seeing an elephant out of the city, means sickness and death.

  • Cara

    Desire that me and my mom are confronted by an effective man and we worry going out of our home. The man delivers rowdies and police. And Instantly the dream changes that I am operating away in worry and beside me even herds of monsters are operating away in worry from the same individual. I can clearly experience their worry also and even see that mom is holding it’s child when operating. We all are operating away in fear