Dream of Eating Food Means

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dream of eating food means

What does it mean when you dream about food

  1. Dream to see food from mutton, means making money with nasty way.
  2. Dream to see the food from beef, means prosperity in that year.
  3. Dream of eating bird, means getting money by deceiving.
  4. Dream of eating grilled chicken, means getting a bit of money by tricking.
  5. Dream eating goat jerky, means wandering.
  6. Dream of eating horse jerky, means finding the money.
  7. Dreams of seeing a lot of bread, but not eaten, means seeing your friends but only briefly.
  8. Dream of selling meat, means calamity.
  9. Dream of eating grilled goat, means meet with an unknown person.
  10. Dream of eating cooked meat, means your money increases.
  11. Dream of eating salted fish, means traveling.
  12. Dream of eating grilled fish, means the spoils.
  13. Dream of tasting something but the taste is bitter, means looking for something but only find disease.
  14. Dream to swallow hot meals, means a short lifespan.
  15. Dream of tasting something unknown and don’t like the taste, means death.
  16. Something you don’t like get into your mouth, it means very averse to economic circumstances.
  17. Dream of sucking your fingers after eating, means getting a little something.
  18. Eat foods that are acidic, means pain.