Dream of Eating Fish

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

eating fish dream

History has recorded evidence and truth about the dream interpretation. Although many people do not often take it as a serious thing because they feel that they have high intelligence. Meanwhile, dream interpretation is still often used as a guideline by some people to predict the meaning of their dreams.

Dream of eating fish becomes part of this. Many people do not doubt with fish dreams because usually fish in the dream is believed to be a fortune. Here is a quote about the meaning of fish dreams.

Eating fish dream meaning

Almost all fish in dreams often interpreted as good fortune in the future, as well as the dream of eating fish. However, not all these dreams can be good news. Eating fish without scales is usually interpreted as a bad thing.

Eat fried fish or grilled fish
This dream can mean that happiness will come to you in the next few days. You should be grateful if this dream proves real.

Eat scaly fish
Fish that have scales, such as tilapia, goldfish, etc. are believed to be a symbol of happiness. Therefore if you dream of eating fish like this, then you should be happy. Goldfish you eat means you will get a blessing.

Eating sea fish
In contrast to the meaning of previous dreams, the dream of eating sea fish is the opposite of the dreams above. Eating sea fish is believed to be a disaster or bad news. If you are dreaming like this, pull out 3 strands of your hair after waking up.

Eating catfish
Dream of eating catfish or a fish that does not have scales have a similar meaning to eat sea fish. Fish without scales is a sign of sadness.

That is a glimpse of eating fish in dreams based on the experiences collected. You can take a lesson from your dream to have a cautious personality.