Dream of Eating Bananas Meaning

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Who does not know this delicious fruit and rich benefits? Of course, bananas are familiar with our daily life. Well, related to the dream interpretation, bananas can also be analogous to a special omen that will occur in real life. If you have dream of eating bananas or other banana-related dreams, consider the following about the meaning of banana eating dreams. Commonly, meaning of bananas in dream is considered as a picture of the happiness in life. Therefore, almost all dreams about bananas can be regarded as good omen.

Banana dream meaning

Banana in dream meaning

Dream of eating bananas
Meaning eating bananas is a sign of happiness and pleasure. The happiness you get can be sourced from any path, or you will get excellent health, and good news for you.

Dream of getting bananas
Meanwhile, if you dream of getting a banana can be a sign that you will gain the trust to hold a position. The belief that you get is the result of honesty and hard work over the years. Do not waste that trust by doing your best.

Dream of buying bananas
The meaning of buying a banana in a dream is almost the same as a dream given a banana. Both dreams are related to your trust and appreciation. Fortunately for those who have this dream and can realize their wish.

Dream look ripe bananas
Among other dreams about bananas, this dream has the best meaning. This dream is a premonition that a great sustenance coming from the work you have been doing. Luck will come in the near future and make you better in economic terms.

Dream of planting banana trees
Dream planting banana trees could be a sign there will be a new way for you to provide for the family. If you are dreaming like this, then you get a new job, project, or cooperation, take the offer.

Thus summarizes the meaning of banana in dreams. Hopefully you can prove the truth of those dreams. For those of you who may not believe in this superstition, it is your choice.


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