Dream of Eating Apples

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apple dream meaning

The dream of eating apples is likely to give an impression of pleasure, or even disappointed because the incident is only a dream, especially if you are so fond of apples. Apple is one of the most popular fruits because of the taste and benefits it provides for health.

Apples as a focus in your dreams can be a good sign or even a bad sign for your life. Good or bad meaning depends on the conditions that occur in the dream. See apples on the table could be the love of one’s desire to buy apples. This desire may not be realized for some reason are brought into a dream. Some interpretations mean that seeing an apple on a table is a good omen. If you dream of seeing an apple on a table, it indicates a good appreciation of others to you.

Apple in dreams

Dream of seeing an apple on the table
A good sign, you will be appreciated by many people.

Dream of eating apples
A good sign, you will find success in doing business.

Dream of seeing apples
It is a good sign, you receive happiness in your life right now.

Dream sits on an apple
It is a good sign, you will receive good news.

Drink apple juice
It is a good sign, you will receive good news from someone you know.

Apples rain
It’s a bad sign, someone has a bad intention on you.